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Mar 30, 2012 05:32 AM

London in April on a budget

My Greek husband - first visit - and I will be staying around Liverpool St station near daughter's dorm.
We want to find a Greek Orthodox Church for Sat nt service (Greek Easter a week later than Catholic) and good pubs and restaurants for 'local' cusine. Four days in London, three in Bristol (son's uni).

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  1. Other than suggesting that you search the board for places, may I also suggest that you might want to define what you mean by "budget". You definition of a budget meal might not be soemone else's

    And, indeed, "local" by way of cuisine - do you mean traditional English cooking, modern British food, other cuisines brought by immigrant communities or just the sort of food that "locals" migth eat - or something more specific. It'll probably also be helpful to contributors if you give an idea about how far from your hotel you might be happy to travel to eat.

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      You're absolutely right. I'm the traveler in the family and ordinarily would say I'd travel all over the city for a good meal. But I have a hip issue and on the one hand want to give my husband a memorable first experience of the UK and on the other am anxious just how mobile I will be. When I say local I mean all of the above. I don't mean french or italian or spanish. I love the immigrant community food and I think he would like pub, trad Eng. We will come again (with both kids there) so I'm not looking for a once in a lifetime recommendation. I have looked on the board for places but they seem to be in other areas of town.

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        There's a Greek Orthodox church near Hampstead Heath, at 1 Gordon House Road. Not a foodie tip (Hampstead's a bit beyond my budget), but if it's nice weather then you could go to church and then onto the Heath (a short walk, going in at either the Gospel Oak or Parliament Hill entrances.

        1. re: Haverfoodie

          Thank you for the idea. Church is a night time thing but maybe we could go before onto the Heath.

          1. re: hampan

            There is also a really good gastropub in Hampstead called the Bull & Last which is highly recommended by me and others on this board.

      1. re: DavidT

        That's a really helpful thread and I have it saved now. Thank you.

        1. re: hampan

          There is also a Greek Orthodox church in Battersea: St Nectarios, on Wycliffe Road. It's about 10-15 minutes walk from Mien Thay on Lavender Hill, which is Vietamese, very good and shoud suit your budget. And you could do Battersea park for your pre-church walk. Having said that, Hampstead is probably easier for you to get to.