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Mar 30, 2012 03:53 AM

Anything open early (5am) in Markham/Richmond Hill

Sometimes I need to head out early and want to grab something to eat, other than McDs and Timmies, are there any good sit down places open? Doesn't even have to be breakfast food although I'd prefer that!

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  1. It's nothing but serviceable, but Markham Station (Markham Road and Sheppard) offers up reasonably decent breakfasts. However, I'm disappointed they offer frozen potatoes as "home fries"; ask for rice or roast potatoes if you want the starch, or extra tomato slices if you don't. Open 24 hours, and if you ask really nicely, they might give you the breakfast special price of $4.99 before 6 am. A little out of the way, but just off the 401, so it shouldn't add too much travel time at that time of day.

    1. Owl of Minerva, a korean place, is 24hrs at yonge/finch. They have a location at First Markham Place and on Major Mac. I'm unsure if both of those places are also 24 hrs, anyone know?