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Mar 30, 2012 03:35 AM

Saturday Middle Eastern Lunch in Worcester

I am having lunch the 7th with friends at El Basha. We typically head to Shiraz. Any comments on recent dining experiences at either?

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  1. I had lunch at Shiraz today, as it happens. It was pretty much as I had always experienced it--not exactly a fine dining experience, but good food, very friendly and prompt service, and modestly priced. It is what is it is; I can imagine some people scoffing at their very basic salads, drenched in vinaigrette, but I enjoy them. Most of the menu I find reliable to very good, though I've had a few misadventures (the souvlaki was not to my taste, though whether that's a comment on me or it I'd leave to others). I find it a very comfortable place. Friends who go with me often comment on the lack of "atmosphere", but to me the atmosphere comes from the people who eat there, and the staff, whom I've always found to be very warm and friendly. I like the place. I'd sooner eat there than at, for example, Sahara, which while more elegant, lacks a certain touch. I must confess I've never been to El Basha, though I should go.

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      Spot on. Shiraz is good people cooking up good food cheap.

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        I enjoy Shiraz as well. I think I'd pass choosing it as a night time spot due to ambiance but for lunch, it's always been great...we are a group of former co workers all Middle Eastern descent Syrian American friend chose El Basha this time. Will report back. The menu looks great.

    2. While the menu's at El Basha are similar the decor and size vary. The food has always been very good to excellent, particularly mezze. I seem to prefer Belmont St as it seems mama is there most often.
      I haven't been to Sahara for quite some time but am planning to try it soon.

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        We made it to El Basha Saturday. We are all of Middle Eastern descent so know the cuisine well in fact most of us cook Lebanese and Armenian food. The staff were great. The service was great. We loved our food. the only negative is, the place is in need of a good vacume and the bathroom was rather dirty full of trash and a soiled toilet. We arrived 11:30 so apparently they had not cleaned from the previous shift. Also, our amazing waitress had long hair not tied back. Huge no no in food service, even when serving. My daughter who waitresses was quite put off. Otherwise, our waitress went over and above her care of our large table. Off street parking, great prices great menu. A few of the girls are quite picky but everyone was happy and the constant refill of the amazing Syrian bread was most welcome.