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Mar 30, 2012 01:29 AM

Craigie on Main- Recent Faves?

May finally be going here this Sunday night. Anyone been recently and have food recs? Thnx v much.

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  1. Had some squid ink pasta at the bar a few weeks back that was delicious. Seemingly simple preparation, but hit on all the right notes for me.

    1. amazingly, the seafood is always good there. I think that sunday nights are a good time to enjoy craigie, busy but not crazy.

      1. The crispy fried pig tails are always a fave. he also generally does a ragout of veggies/mushrooms/sometimes cocks comb/some sort of meat/soft coddled egg that's generally quite good. Also I like when he does tempura cod cheeks. I find the best way to eat there is either do a tasting, or eat a few small plates that appeal.

        1. Second the pig tails. We always get the bone marrow too when we go. If going early enough I'd get the burger.

          I also agree with the tasting menu though. Monkfish liver and salmon collar was on the menu last time we got the tasting and were both amazing.

          Once with a large group we ordered the pig's head. I enjoyed it, especially the cheek, but some people are put off with their food looking right back at you.

          1. Dear OpinionatedChef,
            Look forward to hearing what your meal is like. I haven't been since they moved and am hoping to treat my BFF to a birthday meal in June. Maybe the six course tasting.