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Mar 29, 2012 09:04 PM

Restaurants for me and my girlfriend (out of town)

So me and my girlfriend are heading into Boston for my birthday in a couple weeks and we're looking for places for dinner on 2 nights (Thursday and Friday). We're both really into food, but we don't want to spend a fortune. I tried doing my own research for the past week, but I'm very overwhelmed by the amount of quality restaurants in the area. We're staying at the Westin Waterfront over by the Harpoon Brewery, but it doesn't need to be in the immediate area.

We're both adventurous eaters, so we're not necessarily looking for steak and potatoes, just really tasty food. Trying to stay under $40 a person before alcohol. Thanks in advance for any help you can give us!


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  1. My two favorite meals in Boston this past year were at Oleana and Strip T's. I've posted about both of them (although the one about Oleana is brief), and you'll also find lots of mentions/posts about both places if you do a search.

    My post on Strip T's:

    My post on Oleana:

    Where are you visiting from, and are there certain foods/cuisines you are hoping to try?

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    1. re: Dave MP

      Strip T's is not really convenient for someone on a two day trip to the city.

      You're here for two nights, there's plenty in Boston. Don't bother going across the river or all the way out to Watertown. take a look at these-
      You should be able to stay under $40 pp at ICOB and Neptune for seafood.
      Gastropubby places: Citizen Pub, JM Curley, Union, Gallows
      At the higher end but possibly in budget- Bistro du Midi, Erbaluce
      less pricey Italian- Coppa, Teatro, Monica's

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        I guess I agree that going out to Strip T's in Watertown is a bit of a shlep, but I don't think Oleana is too far. I think Cambridge *should* be included on a two-day trip to Boston, especially for people who are really into food. That said, I also think Beachowolfe's suggestions are excellent.

        1. re: Dave MP

          First of all, thank you guys for the great recommendations. They all look really good. I'd actually come across Neptune and Citizen Pub in my research and my girlfriend's been to Monica's market before.

          Union and Gallows look really really good, as does ICOB. Oleana looks delicious too.

          I really like small table, farm fresh, eat/buy local places. We don't really have specific tastes when it comes to kind of foods, we're both open to pretty much anything. I think Thursday we want to stay low-key since we'll be coming in on a late Amtrak and then go out Friday when we have the whole day.

          1. re: Dave MP

            I agree that Cambridge can easily be considered part of visiting Boston and as I've mentioned in other posts, the Red Line trip across the river is a beautiful sight and doesn't take long at all. And the river is such an elemental part of Boston, in my opinion. First time visitors are often surprised at how small Boston is and that Cambridge is literally just across the river. Oleana is a quick cab from either Kendall or Central once across the river. I'm glad Dave MP beat me to it this time since I'm usually the first to recommend Oleana unless Opinionatedchef beats me to it! The mezze are particularly wonderful (the vegetarian tasting is a steal and it can be supplemented with some of the meat/fish mezze) a reservation is essential. I also love Neptune and though it's small and crowded and there's often a wait, they open at 11:30 and getting there either for an early or late lunch can often work out fine. It's a lovely old Italian neighborhood and fun to walk around in any case.

            1. re: Madrid

              Agreed, it's not excessive traveling to Cambridge. I just think there's enough in Boston that I wouldn't want to spend the cab money and travel time (Admittedly, it's probably not much longer than getting to the s. end from the seaport).

              The Cambridge issue for me is that nothing's really close to the T... you have to cab it. E.g. TW Food, Bergamot are both excellent but really out of the way. Everything by Inman is kind of PIA to get to (ExNE, Tupelo, ECG)

              $40 pp before alcohol will go a long way here if you're willing to split one app.

      2. is this $40 per ... day? per dinner?

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        1. re: tammyh

          $40 per dinner per person, including app/entree but not alcohol.

          1. re: cgriffin415

            I just had an awesome meal at Pigalle with my is in the theater district. Sort of modern French with a very romantic atmosphere. Also you said you're into the small table/local so I would definitely recommend Bondir in Cambridge. You will definitely need to make a reservation there. Have an awesome time wherever you go!