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Freezing cream and butter

Can good quality butter and cream be frozen? What happens if they are frozen?

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  1. I've never frozen cream, but have successfully frozen butter. When I first got my Vacuseal, butter was on a good sale, plus I had some coupons. I just plopped the entire pound, box and all into the bag, sealed it up, then froze. Even about six months later, when I thawed the last pound of it, it was just as fresh-tasting as the day it went in.

    1. I freeze butter regularly & here’s how I do it.

      If the butter is in sticks in a cardboard container I keep in original packaging & place in a Ziploc bag in the freezer.

      If it’s in a block I cut in smaller sections and place in a glass container with a piece of parchment or wax paper over the butter before closing (to protect from moisture).

      Still tastes fresh when thawed (even after several months) altho one thing I’ve noticed is the extra moisture from condensation.

      Haven’t tried freezing cream but would love to know how that works.

      1. You can freeze cream but you may not be able to whip it after it is thawed. You can still use it for heated applications, like making mashed potatoes or caramel sauce, just not whipping.

        1. I just freeze butter in its box if it is in quarters. It is good for about three months.

          1. I freeze butter at our weekend cottage and I have never noticed a change in taste or texture. I just put the box right in the freezer. (the type with 4 wrapped quarters)

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              I do the same and have never noticed any difference and I've left it there for a good six months.

            2. I have frozen plain, supermarket-bought butter many times over the year. It tastes fine after defrosting.

              1. Never had a problem freezing butter. I buy 3 pounda at a time @ the wharehouse store. I take it out of the box and just freeze the sticks as is. Nothing special needed. Never been a problem. Sometimes a stick will get "lost" in the freezer for a few months. It's still tasted ok. I've seen cream and 1/2&1/2 in restaurant/deli freezers but I've never done it. We don't use that much.

                1. Butter can be frozen for years without losing quality.

                  Back in the 1970s I was the purchasing agent for a summer camp run by a non-profit. We rec'd butter and other copmmodities free from the USDA. The availability varied from year to year, so we took as much as they would allow. We'd trade off things we didn't use with other non-profits.
                  But butter was put into frozen storage at a commercial warehouse owned by a board member. In 1973 1nd 1974 the governement had no free butter to allocate and we pulled supplies from the storage, no problem. In 1975 we got about 1/3 of what we needed from the government and agin pulled from the frozen supply. Our bakers and cooks fround no difference in quality or taste.

                  1. It never occurred to me that one could not freeze butter. I've frozen it for decades with no problems in all manner of uses.