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Mar 29, 2012 07:23 PM


I found out today that Highland Park will be hosting its version of a restaurant week from April 19 to April 29, 2012. With the opening of so many fine restaurants in the last year including Benjamin, M and Carlos Nieto's, Nieto's plus a variety of cupcake and gelato emporiums making Highland Park the dessert capital of the North Shore if not all of Chicagoland, this is a great opportunity to try out what our community has to offer. Here is the url for its website:

There are 35 restaurants and "Wine Walk Wednesdays", Tour de Sweets etc., this looks like it will be a winner. We are already lining up reservations for Nieto's as I have not eaten there since its recent opening. I highly recommend 2nd Street Bistro (Lower level only) and 2nd Street Enoteca, Abigail's, Benjamin and M for finer dining along with Carlos and Debbie Nieto's Central Street Bistro. My wife and I also love Bluegrass and Real Urban Barbeque (RUB). Frost has been crowded since its opening with really tasty gelato And a recently opened gourmet popcorn shop, Highland Pop sounds like a promising business.

Even Walker Bros. is getting in on the action with 25% discounts of some of their most popular pancakes. So it is possible to sample a number of places in one day for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and popcorn to take home. Note: I am not affiliated with any business in Highland Park. Just a happy long time resident.

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