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Mar 29, 2012 07:19 PM

Quick breakfast near the Transbay Terminal or Fort Mason?

Going to the FSFPL book sale tomorrow and taking the last express bus out of Berkeley, so will have more than an hour to get to Fort Mason. If I didn't have a long day planned would get a breakfast burrito at El Faro.

Any recs for a light breakfast? I can eat anything as I will be good and have lunch at Greens.

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  1. It's been a while and it's about a mile to Fort Mason but Judy's maybe.

    1. There are some options in the Ferry Building. Boulette's Larder, Cowgirl Sidekick and Il Cane Rosso are all open for breakfast, as are both Peet's and Blue Bottle. The ham and cheese "croissant" at Acme makes a nice breakfast.

      1. Greens serves brunch on Sat and Sun - as well as lunch of course

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          This was on a Friday, but Greens-to-Go opens early and has a granola and fruit bowl. I was running late and bought a swoon-worthy pear huckleberry galette with a cobbler like topping circling the edges. Later for lunch had a Vietnamese tofu spring roll with impeccably fresh vegetables and a vinegarly peanut sauce and a salad of French lentils, red onion, fennel.