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Mar 29, 2012 07:18 PM

Lunch with kids in East Greenwich RI

My two sons (age 13 and 9) will be in East Greenwich on Saturday, and we will be looking to have a late lunch there. Any recommendations for a Chowhound dad and two picky eaters?

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  1. Fat Belly's Pub on Main Street, TIo Mateos Mexican, or you could drive south on Post Road into North Kingstown and go to Seven Moons Asian Cafe.

    1. T's, in East Greenwich is a very good place to go with kids...there IS something for everyone on the menu...they are open until 3:00 PM, and you can get breakfast all day. Also, Kon (pan Asian, in East Greenwich) is fine...I have always seen kids in there. If your kids like seafood, Legal Seafood, across the street from the airport in Warwick, about ten minutes from Main Street, East Greenwich is really wonderful.