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Mar 29, 2012 05:50 PM

La Fogata on Burnet

I moved away from Austin about 7 months ago but am back in town visiting family. I had La Fogata's enchiladas potosinas today after a long time. These are just sooo delicious. I know regular board members already know about this place but I just had to come on and sing its praises again.

To 'enchilar' (envelop in chiles) these tortillas, the seasoned chile puree is worked into the masa, rather than using it to souse a fried tortilla as in other regional styles of enchiladas. The fresh tortillas enchiladas are stuffed (I like the cheese option, it's just crumbled queso fresco), then grilled till slightly crispy. A few of these are served garnished with more queso fresco and lashings of crema. Avocado slices and salsa also goes on top (you have the option of roja, verde, or picosa (spicy) for the salsa-I prefer the picosa). For those that enjoy cueritos (pickled pork skin), you are supposed to eat this with these enchiladas, but that is not my thing.

The enchiladas are really flavorful...this is not a dish to be missed!

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  1. Is it still parked in front of the self-serve car wash? I didn't see it there when I passed awhile back...

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    1. re: Oyster Boy

      I saw it parked a little farther north a couple weeks ago. Still on the east side of the road though.

      And I'll second the enchiladas potosinas recommendation... very tasty.

      1. re: Oyster Boy

        The trailer is now in front of a rental place next to Jiffy Lube just south of 183. I will have to give those enchiladas a try.

        1. re: danny_w

          Below are a couple of pics on what enchiladas potosinas may look like. They originate from the state of San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

      2. Way worse location unfortunately. She told me the carwash guy wanted $1000 a month so she moved. Bandit. I dig her breakfast tacos.

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        1. re: BTAustin

          Actually it is better for me. There was nowhere to park at the carwash without taking up space for the carwash customers. If I had know that he was charging her $1000 I would not have felt bad about taking up a space, but the new location is better for parking IMHO.

          1. re: danny_w

            Well I guess she moved back to her original spot in front of the carwash. I was headed up Burnet earlier this week expecting to get breakfast from her and saw some activity at the carwash but it was too late to stop. When I got to the rental place where she has been located her trailer was gone. Bummer. Oh well, had to get tacos at Vasquez but they weren't nearly as good.