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Mar 29, 2012 05:46 PM

Avenida In Chestnut Hill

I am going to Avenida and am wondering whether anyone has eaten there in the recent past. Is it good? Which dishes are outstanding?

Thank you for your help.

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  1. really enjoyed our meal there 2 years ago, but haven't been back. would love to hear an update. I recall the tres leches cake being a highlight. save room.

    1. we've eaten there twice. nothing stands out, particularly good or particularly bad. we'd eat there more often if we ate out more often, but we don't have the time and we like cooking, so there ya go...
      but yes, it struck me as a place of consistent quality. i do recall begin jealous of the lamb dish that the guy at the table next to me had, but i didn't actually get to taste it.

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        Just tried it for the first time tonight. We thought it was really good. The entire experience was good, from the initial phone call to make the reservation, through the service from the time we walked into the restaurant. The server, Kim, was so accommodating, and I was high maintenance. We ordered "skinny margaritas" that were not on the menu (asked for Tequila with fresh lime and cointreau, and splenda). They were awesome. We tried the Tuna Ceviche special, which was really like sashimi with lime, over roasted corn salad. Tasty. For the main course, I followed the suggestion of another hounder, and ordered the Pollo a la Parilla. I brought home half of my meal. This chicken was unbelievably moist and flavorful, and since I again didnt' want the fried yucca, I asked for grilled cherry tomatoes, which I saw on another meal. They brought me a huge bowl of grilled cherry tomatoes. My husband had the El Biche, which he also loved. We'll be back. Also, we sat in the room with lots of windows, so it wasn't dark at all like others had said it was. We were clearly pleased with our experience.

      2. Ate there when it first opened and enjoyed it. I recall some dishes being very spicy. Can't tell ya why I haven't been back. And it's in the Mt Airy section and not Chestnut Hill.

        1. I am a big fan of Avenida. The food is consistentyl fresh and well presented, and the owners are lovely. The duck with pureed canella is one of my favorites, and the rotating ceviche of the day never disappoints. This week they also had a mussels special that was spciy and creamy, and boasted some of the most gorgeous fat mussells I have ever seen. When they have the branzino, it is always well done. Honestly, there isn't a dish I have had there that I would not reccomend. Let us know how your evening goes!