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Mar 29, 2012 05:32 PM

Bundu Khan

This is a new restaurant in Oak Hill next to T&N, where the Burger Tex used to be.

We went last night and had lamb shawerma. Really, really tasty. The meat is nice and crispy on the edges rather than limp and it really adds something to the dish. The tzatziki had a strong (but pleasant) umami undertone that almost reminded me of caviar or taramasalata. I'm looking forward to exploring some of the more exotic menu choices.

They just opened and you can tell they are excited about it. Very friendly, very chatty. Decor is minimal. Food is good.

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  1. Bundoo Khan is a very old and famous chain of BBQ-kabab restaurants in Karachi. There are a lot of unofficial namesakes of that kabab house around the world from Dubai to London to Houston. I'd like to stop by and see if our Austin Bundu Khan is honoring the name with delicious kababs. Thanks for the heads up.

    1. Thanks so much for posting this. I was super excited to see this restaurant go in so close to Lantana. After reading your review (and looking at the menu - prices look REALLY reasonable), I am stopping by to pick up take out tonight. Yay!

      1. My wife and I were debating hitting Asiana for the 4th time last sunday after eating there saturday (yep, deserving of consecutive hits) or trying Bundu Khan for the first time. We did Bundu. I really want to love the place if nothing more than for the friendliness of the folks there. They encouraged us to free tastes of the dishes on the buffet and even have those tiny paper salsa cups for doing so (though big buffet spoons require surgical precision to drop a dollop of dahl curry in the cup). We did the menu though. I got the lamb plate and she the falafel plate. The plates come with a greek salad with a serve yourself dressing bar with good if not a touch too sweet greek type dressing. The meat I was expecting was actual lamb but ended up with Kronos type lamb loaf. Good enough, but no different than Milto's. Forgettable fries come on the plates too. And the white sauce was red with what I assume was paprika and plenty garlicky. But no herbs or cucumber in it. The buffet items were uniformly tasty but many had the floating oil pools that warn of later wreckage. So it's promising I'd say. But dammit if they don't miss HARD on the common sense stuff. VENT !!!!! The place was filling up with fryer oil and griddle smoke as we ate and we overheard other tables complaining too. The bathroom was gross, and I nearly passed out from smoke inhalation. The dinnerware has to be the cheapest plastic you can find (tiny too) and to imagine eating a gyro with those tiny thin napkins? you'd need a hundred. I will go back at least once to see if they've ironed some stuff out.

        1. ...and somehow this review was appropriated without my permission for another website. Not cool, and not a good way to reward your customers.

          1. Yeah addlepated, I'm curious as to why my review wasn't posted over there by Mohammed S ??

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              I also noticed the other day that their website had been taken down and replaced with a snarky note (" Good luck buidling your own site, Bundu Khan.. ;)"). Two swings, two misses.

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                Their time at that location will be limited I'm sure.