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Mar 29, 2012 04:07 PM

Lunch Before Fantasticks, Dessert After, or Early Dinner

Thirty years ago, I took my niece to see The Fantasticks, after seeing it myself and then taking a group of other relatives.
Now I am taking the same niece with her daughters, aged 11 and 14, as birthday gifts for all of them.
Looking for ideas for lunch before and dessert after, or an early meal after the show -- it lets out around 4.
We will be at the Snapple Theater on 50St near Broadway.
It would be great to find something charming and/or fun for the girls.
Thanks for all ideas!

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  1. I take it that you'll be going to a matinee? What day of the week? Any cuisine preferences? Avoids? And what is your per person budget (lunch and dinner) for food only?

    1. Thanks - yes, it's a Saturday matinee and the performance is at 2:00 for 2 hours.
      I don't have any special cuisine preferences or avoids -- it they do, I don't know about them yet, so most likely anything is ok.
      I am definitely flexible on budget so am unsure what numbers to come up with. I guess for lunch I would say not more than $35 pp (maybe without dessert which we could do somewhere else after) and for dinner somewhere in the $50 - 60 range. Again, I am flexible in both directions for either meal and for dessert.
      Thanks very much for any suggestions.

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        If your grandnieces like Mexican food, I would recommend Toloache, on 50th, b/t B'way & 8th -- very convenient to your theater. On Saturday, they serve brunch, and dinner service starts at 3 p.m., so you can decide if you want to eat before or after. The food is delicious, service is very friendly, and the decor's Mexican flair is quite appealing.

      2. I would take them to Ruby Foo's. They have lots of creative dishes, even have fruit rolls ( sushi). Kids in that age group love the place. You will find some good stuff to eat also. It is on 49th and broadway. Carmine's is another option ( italian)

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          Disagree with those recs:
          Ruby Foo's is overpriced worse-than-your-average-neighborhood Chinese.
          Carmine's - tourist trap- gigantic portions of red sauce glop.

          Toloache is great idea

          Hell's Kitchen - another modern Mexican spot - 9th Ave and 47th

          Kids seem to like Vynl - pre-theater, kitschy lunch

          1. re: thegforceny

            Ruby Foo is the quintessential bad Chinese restaurant anywhere in Manhattan.
            Excellent description of Carmine's as tourist trap and as Cosco version of Italian restaurant with red sauce on gigantic over-cooked and mushy pasta dishes.

            Toloache could be fun and the Mexican food's quite good.

        2. Thanks to RGR and foodwhisperer for the great suggestions. I will pass them along soon. All ideas welcome!

          1. Thanks to all for the feedback.
            I did read some recent reviews of Vynl. It looked like it would be fun. People were saying there is a new chef who is not winning fans?
            Still would love ideas in case they would like an alternative to Mexican.
            Thanks very much.

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            1. re: twochesters

              Vynl is not what one would even consider a 'chef-driven' place. I mean, it's creative diner fare. I wouldn't sweat it. It's a fun, high energy place where kids can get eggrolls, wings, meatball sliders and you can get a decent drink and tasty meal. It's not a high-end dining experience, by any means.

              Toloache is much better food and will probably challenge the girls. In a good way!

              Do a search for "9th Ave" and see what comes up. (Search box top right corner of this page.)