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Mar 29, 2012 03:41 PM

Your Easter Dinner and Treats in a Basket [moved from Washington DC & Baltimore Area board]

Hi all--what is your Easter dinner tradition? Cook at home or go out? Do you still color hard boiled eggs and dye them? What about your favoite Easter basket treats.

Okay--I now cook at home but go out to a nice dinner the night before to avoid the Easter day crowds. I usually prepare a rack of lamb and salad--etc. I still make up an Easter basket full of goodies for hubby and myself. I usually go to Rhebs and select a pound of chocolates. But, in my childhood, and to this day--have to have spiced jelly beans (the ones of black licorice flavor and the "hot" cinnamon red ones--the green spearmint--pink, etc.) they seem to be hard to find versus the regular Jelly Belly and bland brands. Oh, The Russel Stover's "birds nest egg confections." LIttle nests of coconut mixed with colored (green , pink, yellow) "chocolate" and a few jelly beans in the nest" for the "eggs." Where can I find these little treasures?

and the best of all--Mary Sue nougat eggs. Even as an adult, my Mom, before she passed away, made certain that every Easter she bought for me a big Mary Sue nougat egg.

The little marshmallow peeps--now in various shades and are bunnies--yum.

As a kid--we would hard boil the eggs on Easter Saturday and then dye them. Now, here is the question--my Mom would place them on Easter Saturday into a beautiful Easter basket--and they would stay there until Easter Monday--no refrigeration--and we never got sick. How is it that in this day and time we would never leave hardboiled eggs left at room temperature for several days. Just like my lunches I took to school. My sandwiches stayed in a locker for several hours--even in the hot months of late Spring and early Fall. Never got sick from tunafish salad and any other sandwich made with mayo.

Just some thoughts--Happy Easter to all- FoiGras

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  1. Yum! You've got me craving Easter Candy now. I'm a total junkie for mini cadbury eggs and whopper eggs. Love that crunchy coating.

    We always do brunch out then dinner with the extended family. Nothing traditional at the dinner, besides making 'Blarney Stones' for dessert. Albeit, a more St. Patrick's appropriate dessert, my Grami only made them on Easter and that tradition remains strong, and I crave them all year!

    'Blarney Stones' are a super soft white sponge cake cut into squares and rolled in white icing and salted peanuts. Time consuming and messy to make, but SO good.