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Mar 29, 2012 02:57 PM

Best spots in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Hi Everyone,
It's never too early to plan your summer vacation, right? My husband and I will be spending a week out in Jackson Hole Wyoming in early July. I am looking for the best restaurants! We love American, Italian, and Mexican and we don't eat seafood. We could try and be adventerous otherwise! I have been out there twice but it was years ago, and my husband has never been. We know about the great burgers at the Mangy Moose and at Billy's and I remember loving the Rendevous Bistro. I think I heard that the Old Yellowstone Garage closed. I'm sure we'll go to Snake River Grill. We'd love to have a few nice "special" meals, so could be a little bit pricier, and then have the rest to be casual. Also any great brunch places and dessert spots would be appreciated as well. Let me know what you think the best of Jackson Hole is foodies! Thanks so much.

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    1. hi all -
      there are loads and loads of threads on Jackson Hole if you search "Jackson Hole" at the top of your screen, you're sure to find them. many are recent.
      happy trails!