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Where in Baltimore can I get coconut sugar?

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A recipe for lamb jerky I want to try has coconut sugar in it. Anyone know where in Baltimore can I get some?

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  1. I just saw it at wegmans in hunt valley yesterday :)

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    1. re: interplanetjanet

      Thank you!

      1. re: curioussheridan

        where are you getting your lamb??

    2. Whole Foods has it too

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      1. re: chefkate

        Janet, I thought probably Eddies. Kate, I looked at Mt Washington WholeFoods, and they said they'd never heard of it.

        1. re: curioussheridan

          Got the sugar and the lamb at Wegman's. The recipe recommended boned lamb leg, but after cutting away (and wasting) fat and silverskin for a while, I wish I had bought the loin.
          Oh well.