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Mar 29, 2012 02:23 PM

Best non-club places to drink?

I'm heading to LV with my wife and three other couples for a weekend trip. None of us are night-club types, but we're definitely interested in finding a stylish place for a few cocktails that won't have excessive covers or wait times. I'm going to assume that almost any rooftop/view place will fall into the long line/expensive cover category, is that fair?

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  1. The bar at Tommy Bahama's Restaurant in Town Square is great. Very comfortable, good service, good bites, and some very well-crafted drinks.

    1. At Cosmopolitan...the Chandelier bar and Vesper Bar are good spots. I like Bar Mandarin as well and the Peppermill Lounge. Depends on the time of evening and day of the week, but Ghostbar and Moon Lounge at Palms are pretty good...just depends.

      1. The downtown cocktail room has been called a world class cocktail destination by Imbibe Magazine. It's a nice dim lit place and affordable for Las Vegas. (Many of the new bars are charging $15 a drink, yikes!!) Here is the website: I have also heard good things about herbs and rye.

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          Appreciate the advice all, we ended up at the Chandelier and had a great time. A couple of their specialty cocktails are best avoided, but the atmosphere is great.