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Mar 29, 2012 02:15 PM

North End Reasturants that will accomidate 1 Vegan in a group

So girlfriend's family is coming in town and they want to experience the North End. We are up for anything just keeping in mind that my girlfriend is vegan* Any suggestion?

*Full truth is she is not "true" vegan. Pasta and such is fine(eggs etc.) but cheese is basically a no go. Most cheeses, especially Italian cheeses are made with animal rennet. Meaning most of those vegetarian options that have cheese still have animal rennet in the cheese that is used.

Another note: we used to go to Monica's(both locations) before this was explained to her. God my life was so much easier then....

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  1. I should think anywhere would be able to serve pasta and vegetables without cheese. In fact, I looked at the Trattoria Di Monica menu, and found many choices without cheese.

    1. Actually, these days, vegetable rennet is used more often than animal rennet, or at least that's what I learned in a cheesemaking course a while back. I don't know how you'd get that information from a restaurant, but it might make your life easier overall.

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        For large-scale commercial cheese production, bacterial rennet is more or less the rule these days. For smaller, more traditional makers, it could be either. In a restaurant setting, without knowing the source or the ingredients, it would be hard to be certain.

      2. I recommend that you call a few places that you're interested in and ask if they'll make an entree for your GF.