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Mar 29, 2012 02:13 PM

Sunday Night in Paris - Rotisserie du Beaujoulais vs Robert et Louise vs Cafe des Musees??

Hello all,

I am trying to decide between the three above-listed restaurants for my arrival dinner in Paris on Sunday in May. It will be my wife and I and we are looking for a comfortable experience for this meal with generous amounts of food and a convivial ambiance.

I am interested in eating good roast chicken so La Rotisserie DB is a strong draw for that reason, however, I have read mixed reviews online recently about their roast chickens. Has anyone been recently?

Robert et Louise is also a strong choice due to its close proximity to our apartment (2 blocks west) and because we both would enjoy the cote de boeuf (I think). My only hesitation is that the menu is limited to hearty carnivorous food with little produce and veggies.

Cafe des Musees is tempting because of its location, price-point and reportedly solid cooking. I am hesitant to choose it though due to reported service issues and mixed reviews as of late re: the food. Are there set menu staples at CDM or a completely dynamic menu?

Sunday is a tough night and we want to make sure to enjoy every meal possible on this trip. Thanks hounds!

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  1. No opinions on any of these? They must be awful choices and better to avoid any of them!

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      I have only been to CDM. There are several choices on the menu for a lighter meal. I would say that the portions are decent sized and having two courses is quite manageable. As to service, I wouldn't say they go out of their way to be chummy with you but it's efficient by my observed Parisian standards. If you want beef, they have it, but there is also fish and huitres. We like the place quite a bit. Food is very good.

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        Thanks for the clarification on the menu options for CDM. I wasn't clear if there were menu standards but it sounds like there are.

    2. I had this same decision this past Sunday visiting my friend who lives in the neighborhood. He said that Robert et Louise does one thing well and if you want more than a giant steak, don't go there. I looked at the menu at C d M when we stopped there earlier for a cold drink, and nothing really grabbed me. We ended up with a lighter meal at Breizh Cafe so I could try the cidres and I was happy with the choice. We had some spreads before dinner at home that we'd bought at the market that day. And we returned home for cheese and fruit afterwards.

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      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Not a bad evening ;-) Breizh will be our default backup if we aren't in the mood for a big steak and want something a bit lighter. I guess it is hard to go wrong with a kitchen full of market fresh groceries either!

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          Be sure to make reservations, we needed one for Breizh.

          Also nearby, Au Fil des Saisons, was my first night dinner in Paris.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            Au Fil des Saisons also looks like a tasty option. Now the choice becomes more difficult!

            Thanks for the res tip for Breizh. I thought it was just a drop in type spot so I wouldn't have thought of making reservations.

      2. I have been to the Rotesserie but not on a Sunday. Shared a first course with the Mister, shared one duck, that came out in two courses, and dessert. I am sure the starter was a foie and I do remember that the duck was deelish. I hate recommending anything on this board because expectations are high and if your chioice is viewed as the wrong choice, ouch, it hurts. That said, I would go back.

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        1. re: t14072

          Thank you for sharing your experience. I think your assessment comports with most of what I've read about the place. It strikes me as a touch more formal as my other options (not a bad thing necessarily) but that could just be the youtube video editing.

          1. re: Searching4Dunny

            Just to throw an olive in to the about Chez Janou? Although not usually considered the best food in Paris, I had one of my most favorite meals there last December on a Sunday evening. Close tables which I think are cozy(!), lots of pastis, interesting choices, and of course the best dessert (chocolate mousse). In December I had the brandade, in August the duck, in October, I don't remember. Youngish but good for lodish. I would five it a try!
            Another Olive...Astier! When we went I had a lentil soup, lamb, the famous cheese course and Baba au rhum the size of my son's head and a bottle of rhum on top. The staff brought out new cheese as the old ones were eaten and again, to me but maybe not to others, a homey feel, less formal.

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              This site, Paris by mouth, has some good suggestions for Sunday night dinner. We have eaten at Cafe des Musees a couple of times and enjoyed it, but would like to try something new. We are also arriving Sunday and staying in the Marais and probably go to Breizh cafe for lunch. Le Verre Vole looks interesting.