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Mar 29, 2012 06:20 AM

Ramps Harvesting [split from Manhattan]

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How long will it be before ramps are wiped out? There has to be some sort of regulation going on here. Now UnWholly Foods have frozen ramps. Canada has put a hold on ramp harvesting because of dwindling growth. What is really upsetting is when I am served badly prepared, dried out, grill-burnt leathery specimens at trendy restaurants. Had inedible strings of them on a pizza at Tarry Lodge and it was so depressing. I know of many places to find ramps, but I would never tell anyone and if I do take some, it is very few. Need to leave some so there is something to grow for next year.

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  1. if ramps are wild garlic leaves then there are lots at the bollin valley in cheshire. and more every year. I would recommend everyone goes and picks and handful because they are delicious and food should not be an elitist pasttime

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      It depends on what you mean by "wild garlic". If you mean the wild chive-like thready leaves that pop up in lawns everywhere, you're not talking about Ramps.

      "Ramps", sometimes known as "wild leeks", have wide/broad leaves, reddish stems, & tiny bulbs at the bottom. They're found in shaded woodland areas, are harvested in Spring prior to blooming, & harvesting DOES need to be limited because once the plant is pulled up, that's it - another won't sprout in it's place. Some plants do need to be left behind in order to sow seeds for a future crop.

      For those with woodland spaces, you CAN grow your own Ramp patch. Do a websearch & you'll find several sources for both seeds & planting bulbs.

    2. in some areas they are being wiped out, several states have declared them protected or endangered. They take 7-8 years before they are adult, but rarely are harvested responsibly. harvesting only older plants, and taking only 10% from each patch, plus separating the plants and replanting, is the only responsible way to harvest.