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Mar 29, 2012 02:04 PM

Oakland Chinatown restaurant

Going to be in downtown Oakland (9th & Broadway) with a small group tomorrow (mar30). Need a recommendation for a reasonably priced restaurant that can seat 8-12 of us for an early dinner. we'll need to be back at the convention center for a 7pm meeting. May have some small children with us. I haven't lived in the East Bay since '95 and don't have a clue anymore...haha
Many Thanks

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  1. New Gold Medal, Peony, Legendary Palace.

    1. If Cambodian will do, Battambang is right there.

      1. An old standby you might recall is Battambang. I was there about a year ago and it was good.
        New Gold Medal would also fit the bill.

        1. peony may be pricey.
          consider nature vegetaerian @1116 franklin st. all vegan. they use gluten as a substitute for meat.
          food taste very good.

          1. Shan Dong on 10th St near Webster might work.