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Mar 29, 2012 02:00 PM

Park Slope brunch on Sunday

My wife and I would like to take our 24 year old daughter. to brunch this Sunday Our daughter is moving there tomorrow. HELP CHOWHOUNDS! Any place take reservations?

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  1. Where in Park Slope will you be? My favorite brunches in the neighborhood are at Al Di La and Applewood, though neither takes reservations for brunch.

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    1. re: prdct

      I have heard wonderful things about Juventino, although I have not yet been.

      My absolute favorite brunch in the area is Miriam. I've written several times about it - it serves traditional brunch (fan-friggin-tastic french toast) as well as Israeli specialties like a potato pancake and burekas which are killer.

      I strongly strongly strongly urge you to try Miriam!

      1. re: secondbecky

        I've tried Juvetino twice for brunch, it's better than most in the area. If you are close to union street you could also try Kiwiana.