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Mar 29, 2012 01:32 PM

Manitowic, WI - you have to stop at Newton Meats

One of the friendliest places I ever stopped at. While I expect that driving north you have stopped at Meisfields ( for your main course of brats, these people have to be the dessert. I just did some of their "fruit and nut" brats and they were great. I grilled up some of their "hamburger with cheese and bacon" pattys and my son was begging me to go back for more (long trip, in the future). They have some very interesting brats, and to be honest I would not be trying some of them like "pumpkin".

The next cookout I plan on, I am driving to them and getting the bulk of brats at Meisfields, and an assortment from Newtons. (sorry Usinger's purists)

That and I was not having a good day and was not in a good mood when I went into Newtons. The two ladies there were so friendly, joking, etc. that I left in a far better mood.

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  1. Years ago I stopped at Newton Meats on my way back from visiting the glamorous Denmark, WI. I purchased a couple of several different flavors of their "brats" and they were all excellent. And like you said, friendly people. I should see if they ship because I would like to try them again and with the price of gas these days shipping should be less than the cost of gas to drive there and back.

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      I am going to be going past next week due to a business trip. If you would like me to pick up anything from there or Meisfields, please let me know.

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        I don't have anything to add about Newton Meats, I just had to throw in a comment here! My dad is from Denmark, and my mom is from Manitowoc. I opened the thread because of the Manitowoc mention, never thinking I'd get a Denmark thrown in there! Unfortunately, I don't get to the area very often anymore, parents haven't lived there for decades. But when I do, I'll be sure to head to Newton's and get some goodies! Fowler, if you don't mind my asking, what took you to Denmark?

        1. re: Cheez62

          " Fowler, if you don't mind my asking, what took you to Denmark?"

          Hi Cheez62,

          I definitely do not mind your asking. A friend of mine was hospitalized and had just returned home to Denmark to recuperate. I volunteered to go there to help with the cooking and chores during the recovery process.

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            Well God bless you for helping out a friend in need. Thanks for the reply! Denmark will always be special for me, hope your time there was enjoyable.
            To get back on a "chowhoundish" topic, did you get some Suster's chicken while you were there? Fondly remembered from my younger days; I hope that if I get there again, it will still seem as tasty :-)

      2. They have some of the best bacon I've ever had. Its fantastic!