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Mar 29, 2012 01:21 PM

Sushi Palace in Middletown

Has anyone been to this new sushi place in the Union Square shopping center on Route 35?

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  1. Haven't eaten there, but picked up a menu by the door. It looks much like the previous place, including the buffet.

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    1. re: cantkick

      I'm heading there Thursday night. I'll post a review here afterwards. I'm intrigued by their menu (online), and they got some favorable reviews on Yelp.

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        I havent been to the one in Middletown but the owner has 4 Sushi Palaces. They are unique as in they are all you can eat but no buffet. You order everything from a menu and they bring it out family style.

      2. I have been to both the old one and the new Palace one. I wasn't really thrilled but it is AYCE. The fried items, not sushi, were not bad. The sushi left a lot to be desired in my opinion. I am not a japanese food connoisseur, but I have spent some time in japan and eat it quite frequently here. This is C grade stuff, at best. Actually, that is being pretty easy on them.

        I got some sashimi and I ordered white tuna, think it was going to be albacore. I have no clue what they served me. It was not tuna of any type. I know my way around a tuna fish. (see my signature ; )

        Head over to Kyoto in Atlantic highlands for some good sushi at fair prices (byob too)

        If anything, this place would be good with a large group since the bill can be divided equally and its BYOB. If it is awesome sushi you are after, this is not your place.

        PS, the old place was better than the new one but still not that good.

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        1. re: corvette johnny

          Nice tuna in your avatar. Bigeye? First tuna I caught was a bigeye, it was all down hill from there :)

          Anyhoo, white tuna is usually escolar, a fatty deep water fish. Check here for a nice comparison:

          1. re: TomT

            I don't think it was escolar either. That tuna is a yellowin actually....

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          1. i go to the gym right next door and very rarely see any customers there.

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            1. re: Mr. Bingley

              I get takeout there about twice a month. It's very good, if not terribly creative. On the other hand, when it comes to sushi and sashimi, I'll take fresh and well made over terribly creative every time.

              1. re: radiogrl1

                Well, I guess my standards are lower than Corvette Johnny's. :) I went Thursday night (to the Middletown location), thinking I would probably like it, and I did. Fish was fresh, delicious, ratio of fish to rice was excellent. Favorites were mackerel, eel, and salmon. They have a nice selection of sashimi.. you could just get that if you wanted, but it would take several orders to fill up. I only had one kitchen item, the shumai, which were excellent.. crispy on the outside, tender on the inside.

                Had a soft shell crab roll (very good), and the "Yummy Roll" which was aptly named. One of the tastiest rolls I've ever had.

                I was there about 2 hours. I thought for the price of $19.95, it was well worth it. I will definitely go back again.

                And yes, I've had top quality sushi. Have not been to Japan, but I've been to a few high end places. While this isn't "high end", it's what I can afford right now, and I thoroughly enjoyed it... so much better than an actual sushi buffet in terms of selection and freshness.

                1. re: MarlboroMan

                  is the price ($19.95) the same in the weekend?

                  1. re: yCf

                    I am 95% sure it is the same price.

                      1. re: MarlboroMan

                        I stand corrected. Hopefully this place does well. That location is downright AWFUL for a restaurant. Nothing has survived there for more than a few years.

                        1. re: corvette johnny

                          I would have to agree. That is a big strip mall, and it goes WAY back. Fine place for a gym, lousy place for a restaurant.

                          It wasn't very crowded when I was there. I might head there again tonight. :)

                    1. re: MarlboroMan

                      good stuff, I am glad to hear you enjoyed it. Maybe I will give it another shot one of these days. I still do love Kyoto though : )

                      I recall the seaweed salad being quite tasty there.

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