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Mar 29, 2012 01:07 PM

Boring hamburgers into exciting _________?

Last night we made some uninspired burgers and there are two left. I thought maybe they'd make OK Sloppy Joe's, or turn into chili, or maybe tacos... but maybe there's something better to be done. Or some suggestions on how to do any of the above. What do you think? Worse comes to worst, we'll just have boring hamburgers again and be done with it. Whatchoo got?

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  1. There's always Joe"s Special - it's breakfast for supper, if you have the stuff in the house. Google it - there are lots of recipes. Add some sour dough toast...yum!

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      I would have to agree, top it with eggs and bacon....delish!!!

    2. How about a hash? Keep it a cheeseburger theme. Cook up some bacon and remove, leaving the grease. Add in diced onions and potatoes and cook until crisp. Add in your crumbled burgers, bacon, maybe some worcestershire, and stir it all up. Serve topped with an egg and with your favorite burger toppers.