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Mar 29, 2012 12:57 PM

fed up with pork....

Ok so here is my dilemma: My husband absolutely adores pork chops and so I find myself cooking them quite a bit, the problem is that I basically have two recipes that I use and trust: One is to brush a mixture of mayo and ketchup on the chops and lightly coat with breadcrumbs then bake, the other is to season (depends on my mood) and fry in a cast iron with lots of lard.....Basically what I need is different recipes before I scream out of sheer monotony and frusturations. Also, please no high priced or "specialty" ingredients as we are a family of 6 on a one income budget....Thanks everyone!!!

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      1. Fire up the grill ~~ Whatcha watin on???

        1. Brown chops, set aside. Slice up onions, brown in same pan with fat of your choice. Add chops back along with sage/rosemary. Add water to third way up chops. Cook for half hour over low heat. Add two sliced apples, cook for another hour. Serve chops with onions and apples as sauce.

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            Thank you everyone....these all sound delicious, and Uncle Bob, the grill is entirely my husbands domain....I am not allowed to touch it :)

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              Well since he is the Pork Chop Lover, ..and 'King of Da Grill'....Maybe you should suggest that he.... connect the dots? ~~~~ Mmmmm Mmmmmmm so many possibilities for sides!!

              Have Fun!!

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              That's one of my favorite pork chop methods. You can change it up by varying the liquid - instead of water, try beer (various types), or wine, or cider. Or milk (I leave out the apple when I do that). All different, all good.

            3. Do you brine them? That helps make the texture fantastic, and much less boring. ALong with other people, a few ideas:

              Brown on both sides, remove. Deglaze with bourbon, add honey and mustard and stir, then return the meat and finish in the sauce.

              Brown on both sides, remove. Sautee some shallots or onion along with a diced red pepper. Once they are softened, throw in a handful of chopped peppadew peppers (just a few add a LOT of flavor, so you don't have to worry about price) or roasted red pepper. Add a bit of broth or white wine, stir in some chiffonaded basil, add the chops and finish in that sauce.

              Or, one of the most flexible: mix up your favorite jam or jelly with some cayenne and a splash of vinegar to thin it. Brown the chops, glaze with your jam or jelly mix, and finish in the oven.

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              1. re: katecm

                No, I don't "brine" them...In all honesty I am not even sure how to go about doing so.

                1. re: lilpixy

                  SO easy. Mix cold water with salt until it tastes like the sea. I usually throw in a few teaspoons of sugar too, since pork likes sweetness. Immerse the chops and let them sit for, oh, at least an hour. Before you cook then, rinse them with fresh water. Pat them dry thoroughly before you cook them!

                  1. re: lilpixy

                    So many commercial pork products, like chops, are injected with a salt & water solution that you don't need to brine them.