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Mar 29, 2012 12:23 PM

Maltesers/MaltEaster Bunny?

anyone seen these around anywhere here?


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  1. I did my Easter egg shopping in London last month because the selection over here is such crap.

    I'd suggest the Brit places: King's Head Shoppe or Tudor House in SM.

    or Sainsbury's market in West L.A. (the wife is English, but it's not otherwise related to the supermarket chain
    As a last resort, Cost Plus has a a decent British sweets selection. if all else fails, buy a couple of bags and create your own.

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    1. re: iOnLa

      For British candy, The Continental Shop in Santa Monica has a great selection. Their website specifically mentions Maltesers.

      Also, the Malteser bunny is available through Amazon.

    2. Have you tried Cost Plus? They carry Maltesers so maybe with a bit of luck...