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Mar 29, 2012 11:48 AM

Rippled Salt & Vinegar Chips?

I know its far from high brow, but does anyone make ripple Salt & Vinegar chips anymore? I used to find Ruffles, but they seem to have discontinued the "flavor".

I rather like the thickness of the chips vs the vinegar taste.

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  1. Well, that seems like a rather resounding "non" on the rippled chips, hey? There are some good British chips around, Tyrrell's potato chips, that have good flavours like Worcestershire sauce and sun-dried tomato. Apparently they make a sea salt and vinegar "furrowed" chip. Maybe it can be ordered from one of the places carrying them? I get them at Vieille Europe or Fruiterie le Plateau.

    1. I hurt with you...nothing left but the bland Lay's....

      (Not rippled but the Miss Vickie vinegar variety is still scrumptious)

      1. Have you tried Tourtiere Australienne? They might import some from Australia - they would be expensive, but might satisfy your craving! A guilty pleasure of mine is to make a white bread, butter and salt and vinegar chip sandwich - so bad but so good!

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            I think that's what Elvis was eating on the toilet when he died.