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Mar 29, 2012 11:24 AM

Baltimore Food Truck or Vendor for Outdoor Summer Theatre

I've been actively seeking a food truck or concession vendor to sell food prior to our outdoor performances throughout June and July this summer. It's an early evening set up, so would not get in the way of lunch vendors. Should be a relatively, short and simple menu, but we will entertain all ideas. We attract 75-250 per night, and we run Thursday - Sunday. Please respond with contact info and/or referrals. Thanks! Scott

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  1. the Bean Bag may be perfect for you. Contact Mitch at 301-251-4794

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    1. I know this is a pretty wide net, but I think most all of the trucks in the DC area would readily consider Baltimore. Lots of options there, and pretty easily found on - and you may even want to contact that site to post an announcement there.

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