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Mar 29, 2012 10:31 AM

Pasadena with Toddlers?

We'll be stopping for one night in Pasadena on a Friday night. We'll be staying at N Robles/E Union, and will have two toddlers in tow. Looking for a kid-friendly place for an earlyish dinner (around 530-6) on a Friday, and a kid-friendly place for an early breakfast, not too far from the hotel (they'll be DONE with car time by then).

Ideally we'd like places that has good, moderately priced food, little to no wait, and non-slow service.

Also if you have any recs for a park in the vicinity, that would be a huge bonus.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

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  1. Naga Naga Ramen on Colorado is pretty good, fast, inexpensive, and you can sit in front of a giant fish tank to keep them entertained.
    Theres the Central Park just down the road on Fair Oaks.

    1. Can personally vouch for:

      Settebello Pizza's pizzas come out in a minute, salads come up in less than 5. They have plenty of high chairs, plenty of sun, and the noise level is not too bad early in the evening. Very close to hotel.

      Haven Gastropub is moderately priced, beer (obviously) comes out fast, food not too slow. Super friendly staff, family friendly. Has high chair, though parking is a bit of a mess. Decent food that's "good for Pasadena".

      Can't help you with breakfast. I try not to be in Pasadena while that early (and sober) in the morning. Don't consider Naga Naga to be better than Top Ramen.

      1. For breakfast - definitely EuroPane Bakery (the one at 345 E Colorado Blvd, which is only a couple blocks away from your hotel).

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          2nd Europane, we have two toddlers as well.

        2. Tender greens fits all your criteria.

          1. I've seen plenty of parents with toddlers at Lemonade-

            I also recommend Europane-perhaps you can pick up some treats for the road while you are there!

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              We were just at Lemonade with our 3.5 year old today! Yes, perfect suggestion if not too inconvenient.