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Mar 29, 2012 09:24 AM

JazzFest time frame food choices

We'll be in NOLA for the first week of the Fest, coming in April 22, so we'll have several days before the festival starts, staying on Marengo just off Magazine. We lived on Prytania, just off Napoleon during my med school years, so love the uptown area. We of course will visit Casamento's, which was nearly a weekly visit while we lived there--then always easy to get into for dinner. Upperline at that point was Martin's Oyster Bar, and that was also a nearly weekly event for the fixed prix turtle soup, salad, dinner and bread pudding. We like Upperline now, but haven't been there in a couple years. We'll visit Dick & Jenny's, probably Clancy's, etc. Other thoughts are welcome entirely. Is Mosca's still in existence?

My major question is what are the best things at the Festival? Cochon de lait po'boy has been oft mentioned here, but what else should we fixate on?


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  1. I honestly haven't had anything at the fest that I disliked, although that being said, the crawfish bread just isn't the same as it once was and is not part of my meals out there. I also can't eat bread anymore.
    I used to always get the cuban sandwich to start each day, but that has changed. The pheasant quail and andouille gumbo is always outstanding. The meaty white beans and rice (near the blues tent) is great. I had some ribs last year that were excellent. I have never had the crawfish Monica.
    The fresh made cracklins are always great.

      1. Don't miss the food demonstration areas. Local chefs prepare recipes and give out tastes at the end, and often give out copies of the recipe. I feel like this year's schedule is one of the best yet. The indoor demo area particularly is a good respite from the weather.