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Mar 29, 2012 07:50 AM

In Praise of the Fish Sandwich

I love fish sandwiches, but having spent the vast majority of my life far from the ocean, I'm sure I've never sampled the best that's out there.

Speaking of which, what is the best fish sandwich you've sampled? How was it prepared?

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  1. Wooley's Fish Market in the Strip in Pittsburgh. Had to wait for it to be cooked. Long lines during lunch.

    From 10 years ago. Hope it is still there.

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      It's still there, and going strong. Pittsburgh is a fish sandwich town.

    2. Filet-O-Fish?

      Ok, that's not fair since that' easily No. 1.

      Second Best? Probably a breaded deep-fried cod sandwich I had in Vancouver a while back.

      1. Fried grouper sandwich at BO's Fish Wagon in Key West. Love that place!

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          I hade a grouper sandwich from BO's back in the 80's. Remember his slogan, "If it smells like fish, it ain't fresh. I didn't realize how good fresh fish could taste!

        2. Lobster roll from Neptune Oyster in Boston. I like the hot buttered version with a squeeze of lemon on it.

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                  That really deserves its own thread because there are great soft-shell crab sandwiches that I can think that would be worthy contenders.

                  1. re: ipsedixit

                    You're probably right. I'd put a good clam toll up against anything!

            1. Fresh salmon filet, grilled, served on toasted roll w/ red pepper aoili (and fresh-cut wedge fries) at (now closed) 93 Townsend, Boothbay Harbor, Maine

              Fresh salmon filet, grilled/blackened, served on toasted roll w/cilantro mayo (and sweet potato fries) at Montsweag Roadhouse, Woolwich, Maine.