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Lemon mousse without eggs

I am looking to make a light dessert for after the seders and thought that a lemon mousse would fit the bill. Does anyone have a recipe that does not call for eggs? Thanks

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  1. Is the seder dairy or meat? What would provide the body in an egg free parve mousse?

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      Kolatin is passover-certified (and parve):


      Can't help you out with a recipe, though. No eggs at all? Egg whites maybe?

    2. Do they have any of those pareve Whip toppings? I find them kind of awful, but they do serve a purpose sometimes.

      1. No eggs at all, or no raw eggs? It's not a mousse, but I've thought about adapting these lemon custard cups for Pesach: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo... They're the lightest dessert I make, and the buttermilk is easily replaced by putting a tablespoon or so of vinegar in a measuring cup, then filling to the one-cup mark with almond milk. I've always made them during the rest of the year, and so can't tell you exactly what to replace the 3 tablespoons of flour with, but my guess is that mostly matza-cake flour, with maybe a dash of potato starch, would work just fine.

        1. The seder is meat; sorry I meant to say no RAW eggs.

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            Look at recipes for Lemon curd. How do you plan to serve it?

          2. When a student I would make "mousse" by whipping evaporated milk and adding it to flavoured jello. You can do it with gelatin and natural flavours, don't know if that would be ok.

            1. Make lemon curd and fold it into whipped parve whipping cream.

              1. Just check my emails. Look on the Joy of Kosher website. They have a recipe for a lemon mousse with eggs, but recommend pasteurized eggs if you want to avoid raw egg.

                1. We don't use eggs, raw or cooked, so I have a number of resources. Here's a link to one recipe site:
                  http://www.godairyfree.org Search the site for orange-lemon-mouse.
                  You would need to substitute the soy or rice milk using a KFP almond or coconut milk and use potato starch thickener;

                  Vegan Pie in the Sky has another excellent recipe. It would only work if you can find a coconut milk that works with your holding on these issues or is certified KFP by a Rabbi you trust. Also you'd want to look into how your Rabbi holds on agar. It calls for making a cream out of raw cashews and also using almond milk. I also found a raw food version.
                  Best way in future for avoiding eggs is "always ask a vegan." Google in the name of the dish with vegan preceding and you'll often find what you are looking for. Generally, when it's not Pesach you'll find many mousse recipes using tofu. Right now, however, the vegan world is big on coconut products. The easiest and most delicious chocolate mousse recipe I have is also from Pie in the Sky and uses coconut milk, coconut oil and chocolate chips. It takes about 5 minutes to make and I've had nothing but rave reviews and requests for encores!!

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                    Thanks for all the suggestions. The recipes referenced call for too many substitutions. I think I will just make fruit salad or the strawberry mousse that was discussed last year on this board right before Pesach. Chag Kasher V'sameach to all!