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Mar 29, 2012 07:03 AM

Lemon mousse without eggs

I am looking to make a light dessert for after the seders and thought that a lemon mousse would fit the bill. Does anyone have a recipe that does not call for eggs? Thanks

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  1. Is the seder dairy or meat? What would provide the body in an egg free parve mousse?

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    1. re: avitrek

      Kolatin is passover-certified (and parve):

      Can't help you out with a recipe, though. No eggs at all? Egg whites maybe?

    2. Do they have any of those pareve Whip toppings? I find them kind of awful, but they do serve a purpose sometimes.

      1. No eggs at all, or no raw eggs? It's not a mousse, but I've thought about adapting these lemon custard cups for Pesach: They're the lightest dessert I make, and the buttermilk is easily replaced by putting a tablespoon or so of vinegar in a measuring cup, then filling to the one-cup mark with almond milk. I've always made them during the rest of the year, and so can't tell you exactly what to replace the 3 tablespoons of flour with, but my guess is that mostly matza-cake flour, with maybe a dash of potato starch, would work just fine.

        1. The seder is meat; sorry I meant to say no RAW eggs.

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            Look at recipes for Lemon curd. How do you plan to serve it?

          2. When a student I would make "mousse" by whipping evaporated milk and adding it to flavoured jello. You can do it with gelatin and natural flavours, don't know if that would be ok.