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Mar 29, 2012 06:55 AM

Gelato in Florence

Can you tell me your favorite gelato places in Florence? I have a long list and would like to focus on just outstanding gelato....pistachio and chocolate hazelnut in particular. Thank you.

Perche No
Gelateria de Medici

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    1. re: DavidT

      Thanks, I guess I've got the list!

      1. re: DaisyM

        I know that most people think that Vivoli is past its prime--which is probably true--but they have one flavor I absolutely love: riso. Carabe doesn't seem to reach the top of most lists these days, but their nut flavors are very, very good. Grom I can bypass. I think their strength is in their chocolate flavors, and I'm not a big chocolate person--besides, I can get Grom in New York when I'm in town.

        I can see that I have much catching up when I'm in Florence this April--haven't tried most of the top picks yet.

    2. Two days ago we went to Le Parigine, via dei servi 41r. It has a cow out front and is hard to miss. Excellent gelato and not packed with tourists. You might give it a try. Its a straight shot up from the Duomo.

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      1. re: jcooper

        Thank you! We'll be in Florence for a week and hope to sample most of these.

      2. We lived there for six weeks one year and "researched" extensively. For our taste buds the hands-down favorite was Neri

        1. The very best is Carapina, for sure.

          Not sure Gelateria de Medici is worth the hike, unless you are in that direction.

          Vestri amazing for chocolate.

          Another wonderful place is Il Re del Gelato. Corny name, but truly great, Sicilian, ice cream.

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          1. re: minchilli

            I love Neri, my favorite. Also, Gelateria Carraia, near the bridge on the south side of the Arno. It's wonderful!
            .... just realized I haven't been in the city since 2007, so take that into account. But I did try Grom, and didn't love it as much as my two favorites.

          2. We were in Florence the first week of April. I thought I covered a lot of gelato places until I looked at the list on this posting. Vivoli still has outstanding pistachio and Grom is still very good, We also tasted Perche No and Neri. Gelataria Santa Trinita also has great pistachio and their servings are huge. They are right at the south tip of the Santa Trinita Bridge