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Mar 29, 2012 06:37 AM

3 Days in Chicago - Would love some recos!

I'm going to be in Chicago in the next couple of weeks traveling with my toddler and husband. We're very into food, but since we have the tot in tow, can't do the super upscale places like Alinea (I'm sure we couldn't get a res at this point even if we could anyway).

I've been once before and ate at some fabulous places, but want to know where two people who love good food (New American/Farm to Table our favorites) can take a well behaved toddler to eat, and still be able to get her something that doesn't have truffle butter on it. :)

Breakfast and lunch options would be great too. I'm gluten-free and have found a few places so far that I'm thinking about like Tweet (for breakfast), did Girl & The Goat before and on the fence if I should go again.

So many amazing places to eat, I just need some help whittling it down and finding places that would be ok for us to bring the little one.

Happy to look at previous threads too if anyone has suggestions of good ones for me to check out.

Thank you!!

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  1. This thread on gluten free is a bit old, but some of it is still relevant:
    For farm to table, I like Lula Cafe.
    It would help to know where you are staying.

    1. Girl and the Goat is booked up several months in advance so if you're coming in the next couple of weeks that won't be an option. I would consider Perennial Virant and also Browntrout as great Farm-to-table options. Lula would also be good, especially with a child.

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        Thank you both for the suggestions! We're staying at the Affinia, but we're getting a car, so we're ok with a little traveling too. :)

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          Looks delicious, thank you. :)