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Restaurant with best desserts in Toronto/GTA

Hi guys,

I was wondering what are some restaurants that serve a really good, special, or more unique dessert choices? I want to center my dinner choices to places that serve good desserts. Price is not an issue, I want both low and higher end restaurants. Thanks in advance for the help!

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  1. The salted caramel pudding with chocolate meringue I had at Campagnolo was delicious.

    1. We love desserts and I always finish a meal with something sweet. I've been very happy with everything I've had at Frank AGO, the only exception was the apple prune turnover I had recently because they used too much cardamon, otherwise a great dessert. Steve Song, a name pastry chef, is currently at Carisma. I love his banana tart. Scaramouche has a much respected pastry chef, I forget her name. We had a dessert tasting when she was at Pangaea and I thought they were ok but not great. I've always had good desserts at Grace, others may disagree with this, but their pastry chef is Dustin's girlfriend and he has left, so I don't know if she's still there. Everything I've had from Soma is world class, but it's not really a restaurant. We had a great donut and carrot ice cream at Earth on Bloor, can't speak for all their desserts. I hope this helps a little.

      1. I don't know about good as I haven't been myself, and the board reviews are mixed, but you might want to consider Stock, Trump Tower for their Chocolate Lab, which fits your request for unique.

        1. Second Scaramouche.
          Zee Grill and Starfish have great desserts.
          I like the passionfruit genoise on Splendido's current menu. Haven't tried their other desserts.

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            Much agree on Zee Grill. I'm not keen on their seafood based on my one experience but the dessert was heavenly.

          2. from my experience, not just based on one dessert at a restaurant but trying a variety on the menu, I would say splendido. Was there a couple months ago as well as late last year and dished where beutiful and tasted amazing. A cheesecake of sorts in a more modern way, not deconstructed thou., a choc. and peanut dessert was delicious.

            1. Thanks for all the suggestions guys! Will definitely try a bunch of them.

              1. Bean Bar in Hamilton always has a ridiculously large selection of cakes and I have never left disappointed!

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                  Bean Bar? Wow, does that bring back memories. I haven't been there in 10 years or so, since Mac days. Are the cakes made in-house?

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                    I was under the impression that they are not made in-house, but I could be wrong. Definitely worth a stroll down memory lane though!

                2. I forgot to mention one place where not only have I been consistently pleased with desserts but they have a long and well chosen dessert menu, Bymark.

                  1. I had dinner at The Atlantic last month and was served the coolest Creme Brulee that was made with tobacco. It wasn't too sweet and perfectly creamy, the smokiness wasn't too intense, just right and the tobacco left my tongue buzzing a little (in a good way). I'm still thinking about it and want to go back to have it again!

                    1. The tiramisu at Fusilli is beautifully crafted. I can't eat any other now. Call first to make sure the chef's wife has made it.

                      The phyllo wrapped cheesecake at Diana's Oyster Bar & Grill. They found a way to sneak more tasty into cheesecake. Yay me!

                      1. I haven't had it in awhile but the blueberry, white chocolate filo pastry at Messis was always good, all warm and gooey.

                        1. I've had really good dessert at Woodlot. I don't know what they have on the menu now since it changes often, but I've never gotten a dud there.

                          1. The desserts at Strada 241 are very unique, especially for a casual Italian place. Each dessert is composed of 4 to 5 elements kind of like a trifle and served within a mason jar. For example there's one with saffron mousse, olive oil cake, poached apricot and maybe one more element.

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                              That's all Robert G. He's been with the brothers since Rain and he runs the bread/pastry program for the cafe and the resto. He's a pastry genius IMO. I adore him.

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                                this is my vote as well. i'm always seeking dessert in this neighbourhood late in the evening and the casual space is perfect for it.

                                all the bases are cream of some kind, gelled or frozen or what have you but none of the names have the great twists like brownie and meringues and sauces and fruits, etc on top. lots of textures, beautiful flavours.

                            2. Cafe Boulud has some pretty fine ones!!

                              1. Caplansky's, Nadege, La Bamboche, Table 17, Guu, Colborne Lane, Cafe Boulud, Moroco, Richmond Station, Chantecler, Lee, Bent, Splendido, C5.

                                1. I'd have to add to this Beast, Scott's wife Rachelle is a super pastry chef and personally I really like her style.

                                  For example a filled doughnut with maple sugar coating and a caramel filling served with a candied bacon ice cream...

                                  trying to think of others but she really does nice job of giving things a depth of flavour rather than just sweet.

                                  1. For fancy desserts, I have to give a shout out to Splendido. I've gone for just dessert and really enjoyed myself.

                                    And to echo prima above -- I love the desserts at Zee Grill.

                                    1. Museum Tavern has some neat, innovative desserts.

                                      I like the Portuguese desserts at Chiado.

                                      I've enjoyed the Iles Flottantes at Le Select.

                                      1. Interesting no one mention Joanne Yolles and Pangaea?!! May be she has left?!

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                                          She went back to Scaramouche a long time ago...