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Mar 29, 2012 02:08 AM

waterfront rehearsal dinner ideas?

We have a lot of out of town family and guests coming and I've so far been unsuccessful in finding an affordable venue for an informal dinner. I was hoping to find a venue that shows off some kind of waterfront view ideally with access to a patio or beach or something.

We have two options, renting a venue and getting outside catering. A venue alone has proven to be difficult. The second being a restaurant like Ray's, Maximilien's, or Salty's.

I'd like to keep it under $1000 for 30 people sadly I don't think that's going to happen. I'd reserve a picnic shelter in Discovery Park or Magnuson but the weather in May is too unpredictable.

Any recommendations?

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  1. $1000/30 people is entirely reasonable IF (huge if) you can forego alcohol or manage with a cash bar arrangement -you might also want to pre-arrange the menu - if you permit 30 people to order whatever they want, prepare for those idiots who will choose the lobster special and drink top shelf scotch as athirst quencher. the upper cafe and deck at ray's - with an arranged menu and no adult beverages - should fit all your criteria

    1. Here's a good site to start research public parks on Seattle's various waterfronts. Some have covered picnic area which would be perfect for a May informal dinner. If you find a site you like, contact the Parks Department, reserve a ramada(s) and then head to Costco to order catering. My nephew and his bride did just that in San Diego and we had a great time!

      1. Oops, here's the link I should have provided in my last post:

        Good luck!

        1. You might try Maggie Bluff's, below Pallisades. They have a great patio outside the casual restaurant, right on the marina there. I don't know if they do large groups, but I used to regularly take clients there for lunch and the view back to SEA skyline is terrific, and if you choose a group menu carefully, the food could be great. Their dungeness crab sandwish and fish and chips are superb, as is usually their fish of the day special.

          There is also a small clubhouse for the yacht club right there as well. I believe they have a list of caterer's for that space, but might be possible to rent it and arrange your own. It would be a GREAT location for your group size.

          1. I'll keep Ray's on the list and am still considering the picnic tables at Discovery Park for example. I ideally want to find something covered in case it rains. The yacht club is a great idea. Gingershelley, was that the Elliot Bay yacht club?

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              AmyC, it is Elliott Bay Marina, but the small yacht club building is actually an out-post of the Seattle Yacht Club. Look up their pages on the internet, and you can find a link to send a message to who manages that space for rental. And I do believe you can self-cater there; I did a quick look after I suggested it to you, and found a mention of that.

              Let us know what you decide!