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Best Chocolate layered cake in L.A. county 2012

My sister wants a good chocolate on chocolate layered cake for her birthday can anyone suggest a rich moist cake that doesn't taste like a box cake mix. I prefer the south bay area but I'm willing to drive anywhere if it's worth it. TNA

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      Yup - only true chocolate lovers need apply.

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        Which chocolate cake from Jamaica's Cakes would you recommend? Simply chocolate or Chocolate Overload? Thanks.

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          Agree that Susie Cakes makes the most heavenly chocolate layer cake.

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            Yup again - nice layering. A bit sweet but nice and moist.

          2. Alsace lorraine in Long Beach. Stop in and try a cupcake or something beforehand.


            1. Not sure if it counts but Porto's Parisian is pretty godly.

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              1. Victor Benes' Parisian is my go-to chocolate cake. It's available at most Gelson's, probably the closest of which are in Irvine or Marina Del Rey. They also have a chocolate truffle cake, which is also layered, so if you want something denser and richer, it is another option.

                One nice thing is that you can taste each cake as a petit fours for a few dollars.

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                  The Parisian is on the lighter side of chocolate, but in a great way. Another Yup.

                2. The OP is preferring the South Bay - Lido on Sepulveda in Manhattan Beach does great cakes. The owner worked for Sweet Lady Jane and the cakes show it. The folks there are super nice as well...

                  1. Rossmoor Pastries on Redondo Ave, in Signal Hill (Long Beach) Ask for Chunky Chocolate Cake. It;s the best in So Cal

                    1. "Sweet Lady Jane" has amazing chocolate cakes. You can choose from old fashioned chocolate, which is decorated with chocolate curls, to chocolate blackout cake, decorated with confetti like icing. They have a whole array of chocolate cakes on their website.

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                        And plenty of attitude to go with them! ;-) just thought I'd revive that old trope.

                        My vote goes to SusieCakes, though in fairness I've not tried the one from Jamaica Cakes

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                          If SusieCakes' is a cup of Americano, then Jamaica's Cakes is more like espresso - properly pulled.

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                            I hear you on the attitude, but the one on Montana has far less. ; )

                        2. Trader Joe's makes a surprisingly good chocolate cake that they call Patisserie Chocolat. Not the best I have ever had, but I was shocked that it was so good.

                          1. Junior's deli on westwood. there is a regular chocolate cake, then there is the chocolate pudding "blackout" cake with chocolate cake crumbs on the outside. this cake is both super moist and soft but rich from the pudding type frosting that surrounds each layer. i've had the chocolate cake from Jamaica's and it is ok. a little too dense i for my liking. There is something about that texture of the cake that is like no other bakeries around town. You an buy it by the slice to try before ordering the whole cake. i've bought this cake for some many people, and everyone always is surprised that it comes from Juniors, and how delicious it is.
                            try it out. plus the do "now offers" from Groupon many days, and so for $10 you get $20 certificate. a great deal in my eyes.