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Mar 29, 2012 12:36 AM

Where can i get my hands on some boysenberries? and not just the Knott's Berry Farm Jam

I work in West LA and recently visited the very amazing Apple Pan where I had an AWESOME slice of boysenberry pie. Since then the thought of another slice and a multitude of boysenberry desserts have taunted me in my sleep. SO I'm out looking for some delicious berries to make a pie and whatever else the fiendish glutton that lives in my mind can concoct.

Unfortunately, the only boysenberries i can find come in a jar. So as before I once again turn to my fellow foodies here on Chowhound in the vain hope of finding some of those delicious and yet remarkably elusive berries. From the minimal google searches I've performed thus far, minimal because how many times can you REALLY google "where to buy boysenberries in LA" until you've gone mad? Anyways, from those searches I've found that I'll most likely be scouring Farmer's Markets as opposed to grocery stores/supermarkets.

So to wrap it all up does anyone know where i can get some REAL boysenberries, emphasis on berry, as opposed to the jam? I'm fine with hitting up Farmer's Markets as long as my trip isn't fruitless* and as i stated before I work in West LA, near the Westwood and Culver City area, and live in the San Gabriel Vally. But I wouldn't be opposed to heading over to Santa Monica or anywhere in between really if I'm guaranteed to score some berries.

Thanks in advance fellow Chowhounders!

*Pun intended

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  1. no boysenberries until june, and then for a very short time and only at farmer's markets

    1. I suspect Apple Pan uses frozen berries. Here's a link to at least one supplier,

      1. Not in season yet. The short and glorious season is Juneish. Only at farmer's markets. And only if I don't buy them all.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Didn't I see frozen (berries freeze very well) at Trader joe's recently? and Yes, even scratch-bake restaurants use frozen berries for their pies out of summer season (and probably IN season as well) much cheaper and a reliable source. Apple Farm in San Luis Obispo certainly does, as does Avila Valley Barn nearby, and Gizdich Farms near Watsonville (the capitol of boysenberry growing in Calif).