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Mar 28, 2012 10:38 PM

DTW - Oakland County recs for out of towners

My parents (60s) and brother (30) are coming from buffalo for the weekend after easter. I haven't been out to many places other than chains since moving here three years ago so I'm looking for some suggestions.
They are coming for four days so I'm looking for lunch and dinner suggestions (or feedback) that are pretty close by (Auburn Hills/Great Lakes Crossing) for at least two of those days. I'm not looking for anything fancy but good non-chain restaurants that don't necessarily have to serve alcohol.
Here is what I've come up with..

Friday - Clarkston area
Lunch - Uncle Peter's Pasties (want to try something Michigan)
//independence oaks park
Dinner - Union Woodshop (i've heard was really good, can order bbq)

Saturday - Hamtramck/Detroit/Royal Oak
Lunch - Polish Village Cafe or Polonia (something polish) or Wawel in Troy?
//eastern market, riverwalk, belle isle (will do Tigers game and Slow's in the summer)
Dinner - Cafe Habana or Sangria (something latin or good in RO) Bastone?
//rodrigo y gabriella concert in royal oak

Sunday - A.H./Lake Orion/Oxford?/Rochester?
Lunch - Brunch at home or something with a good brunch not too far from Auburn Hills. I like Zoe's House of Pancakes in Bloomfield Hills but that might be too far.
Dinner - Sagebrush Cantina (i've been here) or other suggestions within 15 mins of the palace. they've been to Red Ox and Rochester Mills Brewery. (no to Post Bar or Hoops)
//pistons game

Monday - ??
Lunch - anywhere
//not sure, might take them to frankenmuth or ann arbor/plymouth or dearborn depending on what we want to do.
Dinner - either Fuji Buffet (Madison Heights) or Korean BBQ (Shilla in Troy)
I've been to both these places and would go back to either. Looking for something asian but with a little variety (buffets) or something unique like how they prepare the food on your table (korean bbq), not interested in the expensive Benihanas.

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  1. royal oak? i'd go with cafe muse...i don't trust any latin place up here, especially in downtown RO.
    No trip down to dearborn for middle eastern food? or mexican town for latin food?

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      1. re: gan911

        Cafe Muse sounds good. Any recs for middle eastern food closer than dearborn in say...troy, bloomfield or RO?

        1. re: buffdet

          La Saj in Sterling Hts just off M59 is quite good.
          Be sure to option up for the tabbouli salad.

          Ollie's in Sterling Hts is another good option (33355 Van Dyke Ave). Both are around 17 minutes from Metro Beach or Grosse Pointe (Ollie's anyway) if you wanted to do a pre-meal tour.

          1. re: buffdet

            In Farmington Hills, Pineland on 12 Mile Road is very good and cheap.

        2. Avoid is NOT a suitable alternative for Polish Village Cafe. If you hit up Eastern Market you could get a Pizza at Supino's.

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          1. re: JanPrimus

            Or at Eastern Market, plan on breakfast instead of lunch...either Russell St Deli or corned beef hash at Farmer's Restaurant (one order feeds two people)

            In Auburn Hills, Rangoli for lunch if they will eat Indian food. Near the Palace (and I will confess it's been a while since I've been), Palazzo di Bocce offers an interesting dinner experience. But Sagebrush Cantina is a good choice too.

            Just for the hell of it, Astoria Bakery in RO after dinner. I like the plain crescent cookies, not much is as good as it looks but it is a crowd pleaser.

            If you go to Frankenmuth, unless you're a real fan of the chicken dinner scene, I'd go to the Black Forest Brew Haus (near Bronner's) or maybe Frankenmuth Brewery if it's nice enough to sit on the deck.

            1. re: coney with everything

              I have been to rangoli many times and it is good. I might check out this new place called Curry on Crust ('s an indian take on pizza in canton, MI

              1. re: buffdet

                While Curry on Crust is owned by the same people as Neehee's (Which I love)....I have to give CoC a thumbs down. The Wife and I tried three different kinds and none floated our boat at all. The crust is hardly crusty and the flavors were "meh".

              2. re: coney with everything

                Palazzo di Bocce is a solid choice.

                Uncle Peter's Pasties is so-so. Stick with the pasties, don't order a sandwich.

                If you go to the Union Woodshop, be sure to check out the new upstairs hangout while you wait for a table. Also, go across the street to Rudy's Market and get a bag of chips and their in house made salsa for a late night munchie. Good stuff.

                Personally, I would skip the Woodshop for BBQ on Friday, and hit Lockharts BBQ in Royal Oak on Saturday instead.

                If you want a solid pizza experience, head to Fresco Wood Oven Pizzeria in Rochester. Closed on Sunday though.

            2. I'm not a Wawel fan but I respect opinions of those who enjoy it. Polish Village Cafe is adorable if you can get a seat.
              Sangria is alluring but always disappionts. Bastone is bad. Why not Gan's suggestion, or What Crepe, or Antica Pizzeria Felinni? (BYOB)

              Sunday - what's that place in Orion-- Blue Ox?

              Monday lunch - Ann Arbor, so many choices. (or Dearborn, wow!)
              Dinner in Madison Hts means Vietnamese, right?

              1. If your family's from Buffalo, then they know Michigans. Take 'em to a diner for a Coney or three, so they can do a comparison.

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                1. re: RedTop

                  I think the Michigan dogs are only upstate ny (adirondacks) because prior to moving here I had never heard of them. Interesting how they got their name though.