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Mar 28, 2012 10:26 PM

gluten free meal for new mom

My friend is due to deliver her first baby on 4/8.I want to take her and her husband a meal they can freeze and enjoy when needed. They love meat. I am vegetaraian but fine cooking meat. Just not very experienced. Thanks for the help.

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  1. If you can get your hands on some gluten-free bread, a meatloaf can be divvied up into portions to freeze and reheats pretty well. Its also fairly easy to throw together. I like Martha Stewart's recipe. Meats can be any combination you want; I like a mix of ground chuck and ground pork.

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      This was my first thought as well. I have celiac and make hundreds of GF meat recipes. Or another idea is meatballs or even a batch of bolognese they can enjoy with homemade GF noodles (if she makes her own). How about a Cottage or Shepherd's Pie frozen in individual containers or portions? Chicken and Dumplings? I made an awesome GF version just the other day. A great beef stew would be welcomed as well.

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        +1 on Shepherd's/cottage pie. Another idea is hearty rice and beans- add sausage or pork, and have the liquid in the beans on the thin side, so they thaw nicely. I like to freeze things in greased muffin tins, and then remove them to gallon Ziplocs (you can run hot water over the bottoms, or leave at room temp 20 min so they come out easily). There's no plastic wrap or foil to stick to the food, and they can have whatever portion size they like.

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        One suggestion along these lines- instead of gluten free bread, you could crush up a gluten-free cornflake or other GF cereal and use in place of breadcrumbs. I tested this out with a friend on a gluten free diet making a bison meatloaf and it turned out wonderfully! Just make sure that any other things you add in, like ketchup, mustard, etc. are GF as well!

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          I made meatloaf recently using ground up corn chex instead of breadcrumbs...worked great. And much cheaper and easier than finding/buying gf bread.

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            Yes - I've used them, crackers, cooked rice, certified gluten-free oats. You are right - Chex are cheaper than the GF bread. However, I use the small heels for such occasions as they are useless for anything but crumbs or croutons. I make them into a nice panade.

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          Just want to toss in a nod for using almond meal instead of gluten free bread as a binder...

        3. Stuffed peppers freeze and reheat well, and one of the best parts is that if you freeze them individually, the new parents can cook just 1 at a time or can cook 10 at a time.

          1. If you can get your hands either on rice lasagna sheets or even sheets of mochi (would have to go to an asian market for that one and even then they may not have) you can make gluten free lasagna which freezes quite well.

            You could also make cabbage rolls which are gluten free and would freeze well, but a lot of people suggest rolling the rolls, and freezing the uncooked, and freezing the sauce separately, and then just reheat and cook them as you thaw.

            Even if not lasagna sheets, any gluten free pasta could be made into some sort of baked casserole that could be frozen.

            1. not everybody cares for gluten-free products. i gave up grains a few years back and i certainly do not. using sliced eggplant or zucchini instead of noodles for lasagne works very well. that is something easily portioned and frozen.

              soups and stews portion and freeze nicely, as do (crustless) quiches and fritattas.

              cheesecakes can be baked in mini-muffin cups, with a nut-based crust, as nice little sweet treats that freeze super well.

              with a new baby, i doubt they will be sitting down for meals and anything that can be eaten with one hand (while they hold or rock the bebeh) would be a great plan. what a thoughtful friend!

              1. I made a lasagna using gluten free noodles I bought at Whole Foods and a gluten intolerant teen had seconds and pronounced it awesome so that's my best idea. I made it meatless to satisfy some vegetarians at the event and used the box recipe as a guideline for proportion of liquid to the dish. Otherwise it was your standard lasagna with marinara sauce with some sauteed veggies and onions (you could use some grass fed ground beef if you're feeling flush), ricotta, eggs, mozzarella and parm.