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Mar 28, 2012 09:26 PM

On's Kitchen

Great dinner with friends. Stuffed chicken wings, spring rolls, and 4 dishes to share. 5 spice pork, chinese broccoli with thick bacon (pork belly), Pad tai with mock duck and a savory dish with wide noodles whose name escapes me. All was delicious and service was friendly and prompt. Parking easy to get to if you approach from the east--they weren't busy enough for how great the food is!!!

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  1. Do they serve beer / wine? If not, can you bring your own?

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    1. re: BatMan

      Yes, they serve wine and beer.

      1. re: Brad Ballinger

        Did you go during the week or the weekend. I used to eat at Bangkok Thai and want to try On's but have seen varying reviews on their service speed and when you go with a 9 year old, a prolonged wait doesn't quite work for us...

        1. re: spahkee

          The most recent time was on a weekday. I would guess that if you tell the server that time is an issue, they would help?

          1. re: spahkee

            I hope you meant a 9 month old.. A 9 year old should not have a problem with waiting for food. And if you have a 9 month old I totally understand the typo from sleep deprivation. :)