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Mar 28, 2012 07:28 PM

Low Fat Creamy Cottage Cheese for Passover

During the year I use Crowley's Lowfat1% Cottage Cheese, which I
enjoy because it's nice and creamy. Since it's not available for Passover, does anyone
know of a KLP brand with a comparable consistency?

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  1. I don't know the Crowley's brand, but my all-time favorite cottage cheese (which is available KLP this time of year) is the Friendship 1%. It's actually the only brand I like, after having tried about 10 different brands and/or fat contents over the years.

    I prefer the whipped version, which easily could be spread on matzah. The whipped one (it's in a sort of purple-ish/very deep pink container) is pretty consistent in its texture, perhaps a bit drier than non-whipped, but always smooth. The regular 1% (in a bright pink container) has a little more liquid than I prefer.

    I don't know where you are located, but in my experience, the Friendship cottage cheese is located primarily in the northeast. I used to live in Michigan, and it was a challenge finding it in the Midwest.

    p.s. Although Friendship is a subsidiary of Breakstone's, the cottage cheeses are very different in texture. I once mistakenly bought the Breakstone's one thinking it should be the same since it's the parent company, and it's definitely not.

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    1. re: asf78

      Aas of now, friendship is not connected to breakstone; Breakstone is part of kraft.

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        I totally agrre about Friendship whipped. Delicious ,creamy and spreadable. Try it on matzoh with a great jam before speading on the cheese

      2. Crazily enough, I find the Mehadrin brand very creamy. I use that when i eat cottage cheese straight. For lasagne, any brand will do!

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          I prefer Breakstone's for creaminess. I find Friendship to be dry.

        2. I also find the Mehadrin 1% very creamy, nice consistency.

          1. I don't care for Breakstone's at all nor does my family. Its a shame since that is what Costco carries. Last week I saw Gourmet having a special on Friendship @$1.99/lb. I hope it is still on sale since I will start my pesach shopping in earnest tomorrow. Lately cottage cheese prices has been rising so I have been buying Daisy brand from BJ's 2 lbs for $3 and change. If Gourmet does not have Friendship on sale tomorrow I will try BJ's and see if their cottage cheese is KLP.

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            1. re: MartyB

              there was some time back a coupon at friendship's web site. I find mainstream supermarket's prices are better than kosher ones-Shop Rite had friendship cottage cheese on sale this week.

              1. re: MartyB

                Went to Brachs first (ALWAYS start with Brachs then go to the others, they usually have the best prices). They were selling Friendship for $1.99/lb.

                I have officially started my pesach shopping today. Taking a break then will head over to Gourmet.

                I was a little dismayed to see Brachs selling raw chicken for $3/lb - when did this happen. I have not bought chickens raw for quite a while Last I remember they were in the low twos. I am hoping to do better at Gourmet and Seasons.

                1. re: MartyB

                  Went to Gourmet Glatt, same Friendship Cottage Cheese for $1.99/lb.

                  I must say that Gourmet Glatt has for the most part decent prices, greater selection than Brachs. I was able to buy a chicken for $1.49/lb. Their take-out section at Chap A Nash was non-existent - maybe 4 items. Can't figure out why. Brachs was fully stocked - chometz still so I was not ripped off yet. That will probably begin on Sunday when they sell pesach take out.

                  1. re: MartyB

                    If you feel you are being ripped off, you shouldn't buy it. Who's forcing you? Make it yourself. If you don't want to, then I guess, by definition, it's worth it, and not a rip-off.

                    1. re: queenscook

                      I don't see the problem, I know that I am being ripped off and I an willing to pay. I have no choice. I do not want to spend all my yom tov in the kitchen.

                      Sort of like paying the high gas prices at the pump. You don't like it, but you pay.