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Mar 28, 2012 06:30 PM

Casa B on Friday sans reservations

If a friend and I stopped by Casa B on Friday, 9ish, what might the seating situation be?

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  1. Packed to the gills! I would call earlier that evening if you just want to play it by ear. You can also reserve on Open Table. If you do manage to eat there, you will be delighted. The food is excellent. We had the tasting a few weeks ago, and I am still dreaming about it.

    1. I'd get a reservation and explicitly request a table in the main dining room downstairs, which is beautiful. The overflow / ADA room on the ground floor is pretty dull by comparison. Less of a risk on weeknights, but it does fill up Fri-Sat.

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        IIRC, my wife said she tried for a rez on a Friday night, and was told they were taking reservations for a 6pm seating, with first-come-first-serve thereafter. Not sure if that meant that other reservation slots were filled, or if that was just the system.

        Not sure what the waiting policy is, but if you can give them your cell number and leave, I definitely recommend walking down the alley to the Back Bar of Journeyman for a cocktail while you wait. They also take reservations for drinks, no standing allowed as far as I can tell, but early on in the evening, you may get in - fascinating drinks to be had there.

        The Independent is also a fine back-up.

        1. re: Bob Dobalina

          Second Backbar, though the sign is speakeasy-hard-to-spot. The little bar downstairs at Casa B is also excellent.

          1. re: MC Slim JB

            It is, and that bartender Taso is a gem. But being able to get a seat at the bar for drinks on a Friday night isn't very likely (I've eaten at it a few times, though).

      2. Thank you. I did make a reservation for 9:00 tomorrow. I'll report back!

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          Have fun! BackBar around the corner (literally in the alley in between Ranarong and the Independent--it's the first unmarked door) probably won't be too busy then and is a terrific place for a pre-dinner cocktail. Alternately, you can give them a call when you get to Casa B. and they can reserve you seats for a drink afterwards.