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Mar 28, 2012 06:25 PM

New Sichuan restaurant in Temple City

A new Sichuan restaurant has just opened in Temple City. I believe it's called Hao You Lai, which is pretty much the pinyin translation of the Chinese characters. This restaurant replaces Shanghai Kitchen. It's interesting to note that none of the menu items have any indicators of whether or not the dish is spicy.

9679 Las Tunas Dr.
Temple City

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  1. It's interesting to note that none of the menu items have any indicators of whether or not the dish is spicy.

    Maybe they're all spicy.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      Worst case scenario for me. Well I didn't expect Shanghai kitchen to stay open for long. The location is no good due to its floorplan, it was originally a pizza place back when I was in middle school and then it became a crappy Japanese restaurant.

      I don't believe there is room for large tables, no?

      1. re: Johnny L

        It appears that they have three or four large circular tables. But it's a bit of a tight packing.

        1. re: raytamsgv

          So I maintain that it's a bad spot for a Chinese restaurant where large circular tables are a necessity. I hope the new place is good though been very disappointed with A Golden House and at least Temple City's Beijing Duck House has made good strides to making great food.

    2. Had lunch there today.

      It's pretty awful.

      Dan Dan Mien was gummy, oily, and salty.

      Water boiled fish was sweet.

      Beef kidneys were just side of being too chewy.

      Sizzling fish head hot pot was neither sizzling, nor very hot.

      How to sum up this place ... Everything sort of tastes the same. The ingredients change, but the overall flavors are monotonously uniform. For example, it's either "Black Chili Beef" or "Black Chili Fish Filet" or "Black Chili Chicken". Ugh.

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        Thanks for taking one for the team, ipse...

        1. re: ipsedixit

          Gee. Can't make it to the SGV for more than a week. By the time I get there it might be gone!

          1. re: ipsedixit

            Thanks for saving me the trouble. Well maybe it could turn itself around like Beijing Duck House did.