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Mar 28, 2012 04:51 PM

Single friendly Svahnna- Hilton Head

I'm heading for a conference in Hilton Head. While out there, I'll be dining with colleagues, but I arrive on Amtrak in Savannah pretty early in the morning. If they're delayed, I might be able to get a carry out breakfast from the dining car, but if not, I'lll need to find somewhere between the airport (where I'm picking up my car) and Hilton Head.

The last evening of the trip I'm staying in downtown Savannah by myself, and I would like suggestions for single-friendly restaurants with good local cuisine. While I will have a car, I really don't want to go driving all over the place, though some suggestions a short drive away would be OK.

That morning, I'll be leaving on a train that leaves at 830 AM, and any suggestions for a good quick breakfast to avoid the Amtrak cafe car would be appreciated. Also, any suggestions for markets with good carry-on food for the train would be appreciated, as my ride will last me through breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and this train has no dining car, only a cafe car. I can only stand so many microwaved hot dogs and pizzas or prefab sandwiches, though Amtrak does pick pretty good wines to serve.

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  1. If I was dining alone in the historic district, I'd go to Garibaldi Cafe, sit at the bar and order the shrimp risotto cake and crispy flounder.

    1. That's a great rec. I also like Olde Pink House. I ate there solo often and always had a great time.

      Papilotte has amazing takeout. I don't think they'll be open that early so, if you have a fridge in your room, you could stock up the day before.

      I never had breakfast at Clary's but it will be open early enough and the food is diner good.