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Mar 28, 2012 03:50 PM

grabbing a quick bite near the Orpheum before a show?

Greetings fellow Hounds...

I'm going to a concert next week @ the Orpheum...traveling down from the north shore so I will be hopefully parking close by in a garage getting into town by 7ish...its been FOREVER since I've seen a show there let alone needed a place to eat before hand...we probably wont have time to "formal" sit down at say...Park 9 or whatever its called...would there be any place near by that's just an eat and go type joint moderately priced?

eat drink and be merry!
north shore girl!

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  1. I haven't been, but Silvertone might fit the bill. Less formal, and equally close to the Orpheum. If you'll walk a little, Teatro can usually get you in and out quickly, when's the show? you're also close to chinatown, with all its options.

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      Silvertone will def. fit the bill if there is no wait.

    2. When im in the area for a show I usually go to pho hoa in chinatown for pho or a pork rice plate. The food is relatively healthy and safe to eat before a show (you won't be running to the bathroom during the show and the food won't bog you down and make you want to nap). The service is fast and the prices are cheap. You may want a decent weather day for the walk though.

      1. Marliave is also close by and fits the bill.

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          Good call. We went to Marliave before Weezer since Silvertone was an hour wait. Sat at the bar and noshed on some oysters, a charcuterie plate, and beef carpaccio - it was perfect!

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            Thx for the suggestions! ...not sure i'm willing to venture down to china town...but marilava and silverstone seem close enough we can walk to either one an be back in time for the concert ...are there any other back ups just incase silverstone does have a wait?