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Mar 28, 2012 02:15 PM

2 Nights in SF, 2 Nights in Napa

Looking for restaurant suggestions for the SF area and Napa. I'll be there in the next few weeks for 2 nights in each place with the girlfriend. Really big fan of hot spots that aren't overly sceney, think Buddakhan in NYC but anything is good.

Nothing crazy expensive either. French Laundry is too much.

For SF I was thinking Canteen or 25 Lusk, but am hesitant. Really looking for some good Californian food one night and open to suggestions for the other night.

For Napa I was thinking drinks at 1313 Main and then Zuzu. Any other suggestions?

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  1. SF - may also want to consider AQ, Flour + Water, Frances

    In Napa the favorite board spots at the moment seem to be:
    Redd Wood (casual sister restaurant)
    Ad Hoc (though some recent reports have been so-so)
    Morimoto's (which is in NYC as well)

    1. In the town of Napa: Norman Rose, Oenotri, Eiko's (new sushi), Kitchen Door is fun at night (more casual), definitely check out the Oxbow Market during the day. and for the best thai ever Mini Mango (casual, order the peanut bomb!) And agree with goldangl95 about Redd and Redd Wood but they are in Yountville.
      In SF-- try also A16, Cotogna, Locanda, Park Tavern.

      Have fun!! I work in Napa and live in SF- you are getting the best of both worlds by doing both :)

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        Completely disagree on Norman Rose and Eiko's in Napa; Norman Rose is good for a lamb burger or similar comfort food, but it is hardly a place to seek out for a special meal if you are only in Napa for two days.

        On Eiko's, it has to be singularly the most mediocre sushi I've ever had; over-priced, so-so fish, and too loud.

        Both 1313 Main and Zuzu are small plates and between the two, Zuzu is more interesting but they don't take reservations and unless you get there early, there is always a wait.

        The biggies in downtown Napa are Oenetri and Morimoto. We are all still waiting to see when Tyler Florence and Ubuntu will (if?) reopen after the winter break.

        The other downtown Napa place to consider is Grace's Table; off-radar and exceptional for its brand of comfort food.

        Up-valley you might be happier at Redd, Bouchon, Brassicas, Bistro Don Giovanni, or Ad Hoc.

      2. Like the idea of Canteen, but keep in mind it'll be small and quiet. So the vibe would be more of a personalized dinner. For fun you can maybe go drinks around the corner at Bourbon and Branch before your dinner.

        But if you want a more lively dinner experience (but not sceney), then I would echo recommendations for Flour + Water, Frances, and also toss in Cotogna and State Bird Provisions for something different. I kind of feel 25 Lusk might be overly "sceney".

        In Napa, I echo the recommendation for Oenotri. I nice large space that's lively in Napa city.