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Mar 28, 2012 01:53 PM

Dining Alone Recommendations

I will be in Chicago for a business trip staying at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers. I would like to be able to walk to dinner on Friday and Saturday night and hopefully find a comfortable place to dine alone. I'm looking at Frontera, Purple Pig and Sable. I want good food and good drinks (including beer). Moderately priced. I'd rather be able to sit and eat at a bar then a table. Are these good choices? Any others. I found great restaurant suggestions on the board but not a lot for solo dining. Thanks!

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  1. Frontera is an excellent choice to eat at the bar and as I recall you have the option to order form topolombapo's menus as well - excellent food and drink

    1. Oh and I forgot. What about Girl and the Goat? Do they have a bar that you can eat at?

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        Yes, but it tends to be very busy.

      2. Very funny, raclette. We're obviously thinking alike:

        Maybe I'll see you at Frontera on Friday! :D I'll be the one who, if the thousand times I've been told in the last 3 years is any indication, apparently looks a lot like Obama.

        1. Sable would certainly work - they have a long bar, great food, and plenty of cocktail options. I had lunch there the other day for their Chef Week and enjoyed it quite a bit.

          1. I've enjoyed eating at avec if I'm on my own. Some find the barstools particularly uncomfortable but I've never minded. Excellent food, though many of the plates can be tough to tackle for one; they're small plates, but not necessarily so small that you could count one as an appetizer. I'd suggest asking which plates, if any, could be ordered as half-portions.

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              I've been there mid week a few times and they have been more than happy to do pretty much everything on the menu in half plates. Probably ate the same amount, but was able to try much more that way. This would be my go to during the week when it's less busy and you can talk to the chefs and carry on a bit more of a conversation.