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Mar 28, 2012 01:45 PM

Half of the Fujianese Restaurants in Los Angeles Are Gone

As far as I know there have been two Fujianese style Chinese restaurants in the L.A., area--the touristy Foo Chow in Chinatown and Liu Xiang Yuan in San Gabriel. Indeed that might be all for the entire state of California. However, it's just Foo Chow again (as it has been for most of the 30 plus years that Foo Chow has been around) as Liu Xiang Yuan is gone. I was driving on Las Tunas Dr., having already eaten lunch when I spied the sign with the words "Noodles" and "Grand Opening" out of the corner of my eye. Having learned that the Grand Opening might be your only chance to try a new SGV restaurant I made a dangerous and illegal turn into the parking lot to check it out. I found that in Liu Xiang Yuan's place is Hui Tou Xiang Noodles House, immediately adjacent to Luscious Dumplings. Despite the presence of Hong Kong style wonton on the menu, this turns out to be a Shanghai style noodle and dumpling restaurant with XLB and regular dumpling items on the menu, along with stuffed pancakes. They even have chicken dumplings on the menu, but alas, they were just fancy chicken siu mai, rather than the real chicken dumplings I've been looking for, albeit quite tasty. Hou Tou Xiang Noodles House is at 704 W. Las Tunas Dr., #5, though with all of the turnover around Luscious Dumplings, who knows for how long?.

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  1. Been closed for a while.

    I think there are one or two other places, for example (originally mentioned by you, if I'm not mistaken


    And obviously, a lot of Taiwanese food is essentially Fujianese cuisine.

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      Actually Liu Xiang Yuan was still around last month. Lots of Fujianese fish balls these days, but items like you see all over New York Chinatown are scarce over here.

    2. Hui Tou Xiang is so ludicrously bad I don't mind them getting destroyed by Luscious.

      It is somehow even worse than the MSG/sugar bombed Only You Dumpling. The audacity of its pricing makes me wonder if they were drunk on Moutai when the menu was written.

      They won't make it through the summer.

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        Any updates to Hui Tou Xiang? I heard the J Gold report on KCRW ( and it got on the radar. TonyC's rundown, however, gives me pause...

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          I've liked all the dishes I've gotten from Hui Tou Xiang. Some favorites: their crab xlb, the hui tou pork dumplings (#1), fish dumplings (only if you like Chinese leek), pan-fried leek & egg dumplings. Their appetizers are skippable but I do like the soup and sweet kimchi they bring at the beginning.

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            Thanks for the details. I'll update after my meal as well.

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            we like HTX too...don't care for the XLB..the fried shrimp noodles was decent and the pork hock is EXCELLENT.

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              Stopped through Hui Tou Xiang today. The wait at Luscious was 20-30 minutes while HTX was half empty.

              Two of us ordered the hui tou pork dumplings ($6.75/8), leek stuffed pancakes ($6.75/8), pork and crab xlb ($6.95/10), and cold cucumber. (Wished I had seen the post about the hock...but we were in a dumpling mood!) This was a LOT of food, particularly because we were not expecting the complimentary hot and sour soup (decent, not memorable) and kimchee-esque starter.

              The hui tou was super juicy, good pork flavor and had a good crisp on the flat edge. This was new to me and I'd seek it out again. The leek pancakes were filled well with cellophane noodles and chock full of leek. They were not greasy as expected--a good thing. The xlb was my DC's favorite. Excellent flavor with a well-balanced filling, thin skin but a tad tough at the top. I am a juice fiend, so felt they could have had a bit more broth. Cucumbers were typically refreshing and perfectly salted.

              This place filled up as our meal wore on and was full when we left. Luscious flipped its sign to "closed" as we walked past.

          3. "Emporor Noodles" is open now (has been for a little while), and the sign in front advertises Shanghai specialties including shengjianbao, xiaolongbao, and the menu features a lot of the standard Shanghainese stuff, and quite a lot of noodles dishes, many featuring offal. I got a takeout menu, but we haven't gone there yet.

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              Post opening report.


              Also, on the original topic of Fujianese restaurants it turns out that the restaurant whose only signage for a year has been "Grand Opening" is listed in Yelp as Fuzhou Xi Xi Handmade Fishball (as opposed to the actual signage in their Rowland Heights location which says Fuzhou C.C. Manual Fishball) and does serve a variety of Fuzhou dishes aside from the fish balls.